Cleanfix reversible fan

Published 7/3, 2019 at 17:13

Cleanfix reversible fans are being used more and more in construction machinery to prevent overheating and increase the efficiency of the engine.

This development has seen SMT Netherlands BV using Cleanfix reversing fans in its Volvo EC750E excavator, as the machine works in extreme conditions, with the engine’s cooling system exposed to dirt, cement and lime containing dust particles. Cleanfix reversible fans provide the optimal cleaning solution for cooling systems in these working conditions. By turning the fan blades through the cross position, the blade profile is always perfectly aligned for cooling and cleaning. This guarantees a high pressure and airflow in both directions. A clean radiator means reduced maintenance and less downtime, with the productivity of the machine thereby being increased. In recent months, other Volvo EC750E excavators have been similarly equipped in several European countries.

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