CM introduces radio controlled cold planer

Published 24/4 at 11:08

CM is an Italian company that designs, manufactures and markets equipment for earthmoving machinery including cold planers for skid steer loaders and excavators from 1t to 30t.

The cold planers for skid steer loaders are produced in eight models with working widths from 250mm to 1,000mm, and maximum digging depths up to 200mm. The side shift is hydraulic as standard, and depth adjustment is independent on both sides, while depth adjustment and inclination in the hydraulic version are options.

The CM excavator cold planers are manufactured in five models with milling widths from 200mm to 600mm and maximum milling depths up to 200mm. They have a robust design, and can work for horizontal, vertical, and oblique milling. They are ideal for scraping rock, and removing damaged surfaces in tunnels and motorway pylons.


CM ‘Multiskid RC’

In 2022, CM designed the new Multiskid RC, a fully radio controlled skid steer loader, designed, among other things, for the road sector. With a classic skid steer loader, the operator has little visibility from the cab, and in many cases, needs a second operator to guide the milling operation, such as when dealing with man hole covers etc. With the Multiskid RC, this problem does not exist. By radio controlling the machine, the operator can work in front or at the side of the machine while having full 360° visibility.

Using the Multiskid RC, a single operator can complete a job that would otherwise require at least two people. In addition to the advantage of direct visibility and the use of fewer resources on the job site, the operator is safe from the vibrations of the operating machine. The Multiskid RC has been designed with a ‘high-power’ hydraulic system, 252 l/min at 300 bar, to accommodate most equipment, even those that require a high hydraulic demand, such as wheel saws and forestry mulchers. It is also equipped with a universal skid steer loader attachment plate, so that it is versatile and interchangeable with any equipment.

The Multiskid RC has been developed with a trapezoidal undercarriage, a low centre of gravity, and a compact design to provide strong ground traction resulting in stability and safety.

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