Cold cutting saw from Braun

Published 3/10, 2022 at 11:17

For more than 10 years Braun has been developing and producing solutions for the dismantling of nuclear facilities.

Especially of use has been the patented Braun cold cutting saw which is used in many nuclear power plants for the dismantling of steel structures. These saws are being used above and under water. For the dismantling of the German nuclear power plants Philippsburg and Biblis, contaminated stainless steel pipes had to be cut from the inside. To make this possible, Braun developed a machine based on the principle of the cold cutting saw, an internal pipe cutter. The machine is inserted vertically into the pipes and clamped inside by means of a hydraulic cylinder and special clamping screws. The cutting process is carried out with a swivel arm, as in the case of the cold cutting saw. The feed is driven by an electric motor, as well as the 360° movement and the tool drive. The saw blade diameters are between 180mm and 225mm. It can be switched between two different connecting shafts, short and long, which enable the machine to cut at different heights. The cutting process is performed under water.

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