Come and join the IACDS at bauma

Published 26/3, 2019 at 11:30

It’s so exciting that bauma is here again, and what a fantastic showcase for our industry, with all of the skills and advanced technology it takes to ensure we provide the services to our clients around the world it is.

As all of you know, I am so proud of the work we do as individual businesses, but also in the way we come together as an industry to share best practice and celebrate everything that is great about what we do.

I really feel we are a special sector from that point of view, as we are a community. I wrote in my last column about how we should aim to be collaborators in every way we can, and I do believe that is something we are very good at and, by remaining a unified voice, we are much, much stronger for it. Certainly events like bauma bring us together, and it’s an event I very much look forward to every three years. This year’s event is set to be a really exciting one, and even bigger than ever before with an estimated record 600,000 participants – and that’s big!

It’s also chance to reflect on the achievements we’ve made as an industry, and how all the industry country associations have pulled together over the last three years in the same direction to make the IACDS work and bond us all together internationally. But it is not just the work that the associations have done, but the successes of individual companies that we are here to celebrate worldwide.

The IACDS has had record numbers of entries (and countries) for the Diamond Awards 2019, which is a great example of how we can showcase the best of what we do, and learn from one another’s best practice. It’s also great that we have our first ever Supplier Award to celebrate innovation and ideas in our industry. So I am looking forward to seeing all the participants and winners during bauma, and being able to showcase their work to rest of the industry and to the whole world.

My advice to the companies that do pick up an award is to make the most of the opportunity to shout about the fantastic work that you do. D-Drill picked up a Diamond Award a few years ago – long before I was in this role – and we made sure that we used that accolade to generate positive PR about the company back in the UK. It’s a big deal; this is an international award, so ensure that you tell your clients, suppliers, partners, staff and the media. And, if you don’t win, still ensure that the story behind your entry is something you tell to as many people as possible. These are special achievements and should be celebrated. Don’t let concrete cutting be the world’s best kept secret any longer, but be part of the team that tells everyone just how fantastic we are!

There will also be a networking event showcasing all the job stories, and then the Diamond Award Ceremony which will take place from 4-6pm on 11 April, in Room B11, Pavilion B1. We believe this is going to be the biggest ever networking event of its type for our industry, so come and drink a beer with us and see what we are all about. Again, make the most of this chance to network and meet as many people as possible from the industry. There is so much we can learn from one another and so many ways we can grow by listening to what others have achieved. And, not only that; our industry is full of great people who are really knowledgeable, ready to share their experiences and are good fun, so it will be great to catch up from that point of view, and make new friends and contacts from all over the world.

The fun won’t stop there, as there will be dinner in downtown Munich on the night of 13 April and then, on 14 April (before the Diamond Awards), the annual meeting will be held close to the show at the Novotel Hotel Muenchen Messe at 9am.  

My final message is a plea: please, please come and find me during bauma and let’s have a chat about the industry, what we are doing well, what can do better and how we can always be more relevant to you. I am very approachable and am keen to meet as many people as possible. And let’s make sure it’s another brilliant bauma and remember how much stronger we can all be by working together.


Julie White, President of IACDS

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