Compact, flexible, versatile and now electric

Published 16/9, 2019 at 15:17

Developed specifically for the needs of the recycling and waste management industries, Sennebogen has introduced its smallest material handling machine, the 817 E, which is now available with a range of drive options.

The compact Sennebogen 817 is agile and built for continuous use. Thanks to its array of standard production equipment features (such as temperature controlled fan drives, sound insulation and the tried and a tested hydraulic system), the 817 holds up under tough operating conditions such as dust, heat and prolonged stress. The machine is designed to work whatever the user requirements, with the 817 E now coming available as an electric material handler.

With an operating weight of around 17t and equipment lengths of up to 9m, the 817 E is specifically tailored for use in halls, in which its energy saving and environmentally friendly electric drives are particularly suited. Sennebogen has been developing electric drives for decades and provides many options. Its electric powered machines with a power pack run on electricity alone, and only need to supply themselves with power from a diesel generator in the tail in order to bridge the time it takes to get to the next supply point. Power supply from the ceiling or via cable drums has proven effective in numerous applications, and this feature is also available for the 817 E.

Solutions with rechargeable batteries are currently the subject of discussion in the market, which simply means they are in demand, but often the price puts customers off from choosing this option. The reason for this is that the technology of battery based machines is not currently suited to the widespread use of machines with correspondingly high power requirements. Such applications would either require replaceable batteries, or would severely limit the machine’s duration of use per day, which also reduces the attractiveness of such solutions at present. However, for cases in which the use of battery powered technology makes sense or the general conditions so require its use, Sennebogen is able to deliver such an option upon request.

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