Concrete cutters and corers need water

Published 30/6, 2020 at 14:40

John Ford Concreting was frustrated with not being able to get a constant pressure water supply for its concrete cutting services when they arrived on site.

In order to help solve the problem, the company Makinex introduced John Ford to its constant pressure portable water supply unit, the ‘Hose2Go’ which solved this frustration.

John and his team sometimes found that when they arrived on site there was more often than not no access to a reliable water supply for their concrete cutting tools. Without water, they couldn’t get on with the job of cutting concrete and this meant they wasted a lot of time trying to find a solution. It was decided to find a portable constant pressure water supply unit that provided water where and when it was needed. 

While researching the options available, John and his team came across the Makinex Hose2Go, a portable water supply unit that provides up to 30min of constant pressure water supply for concrete cutting and coring tools. John Ford states; “In addition to ensuring my team are never without water for their tools, the Hose2Go has reduced sludge entering the environment due to the user’s ability to control the water pressure from the Hose2Go. The Hose2Go is great for its ability to mitigate silica dust which ensures I have another way of looking after the wellbeing of my team.”

The Makinex Hose2Go has effectively solved John’s water supply problem. It has ensured that he and his team have a portable water supply that also reduces construction waste as well as mitigates silica dust when concrete cutting and/or core drilling.

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