Conjet presents new products at bauma

Published 28/6, 2019 at 12:29

Conjet, the Swedish manufacturer of hydro demolition equipment, released several new products at this year’s bauma.

Firstly, Conjet AB released a high pressure lance rated up to 3,000bar and wear resistant nozzle nut. The lance can be used in single pump mode or tandem mode connecting two pumps directly to the lance. It suits all robots in the 7-series as well as all earlier robots. The 3,000 bar lance handles up to 140l/min and can be fitted with ceramic nozzles and can also be extended to suit different applications. 

A CWS620 water separator has also been released, which deals with waste water from hydro demolition operations. In many areas of the world waste water from hydro demolition cannot be recycled into the sewage systems due to high content of solid particles as well as a high pH value. The CWS620 takes care of this problem, using two cyclones and injecting CO2  gas, with the water being relieved of 97% of solid particles while the pH-value is reduced from 12-13 to a set value of 7-10 (depending on local regulations and requirements). It is equipped with a monitoring and control system that logs the pH value over time and regulates the supply of CO2  gas. It also shuts off the sludge pump when the water level is below a minimum set point. The monitoring system logs data which can be exported onto a USB for later analysis. The treated water can be used to flush the demolished surface or recycled into the sewage system.

A web portal communication solution, CWP, has been released, which allows management and logistics to access operational data in real time. The CWP can be used as a diagnostic tool as well as a location tool for the unit. It also gives the owner an overview of all machines and their current location, with the CWP system sending email/SMS in the event of an error. It is also a possible to update the software from a remote location thereby minimising downtime. 

The final Conjet release is the PTS cutting head, which contains a variety of innovations to improve reliability and hydro demolition process results. The PTS cutting head has been developed to house several improvements for the movement and control of the water jet, as with PTS, the nozzle is moved parallel to the surface when changing work direction. A rugged mechanical design ensures smooth movement of the lance while maintaining total control, with an angle of 45o in both directions (left and right) cleaning behind rebar is easily accomplished. 

In the past, changing the oscillation width has been a time consuming task, but with the ‘VOS’ (variable oscillation system), the oscillation width is changed from the operator’s control panel, or set as a parameter for the cut. This enables the robot to expose rebar and cut much more accurately within a set parameter range. The PTS cutting head is equipped with quick couplings for hydraulic lines as well as a heavy duty connector for electric signals, with the solution making it easy to extend or replace the hose package if needed.

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