Construction equipment sector secures jobs in a difficult environment

Published 10/5 at 11:46

The general meeting of VDMA Construction – Equipment and Plant Engineering on 3 March 2021 drew a positive conclusion for the past and current year.

VDMA represents around 3,300 German and European companies in the mechanical and plant engineering industry, and discussed such topics as the economic situation, the importance of the European climate goals 2050 for the industry and the development of relations with the USA after the change of government. The conclusion was that overall the situation is good, with the European CECE Business Barometer being at its highest level since the end of 2018. Germany will remain stable - at a high level – whilst the European market will recover, and the global market will also grow slightly. At the moment, the economic stimulus programmes are having an effect although in the medium term, there is a risk that the public sector will be able to invest less due to the high level of new debt.

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