‘Construction site 4.0’ from Tyrolit connects machines worldwide

Published 8/7, 2021 at 18:21

In a constantly evolving world, efficiency is becoming increasingly important, and through construction businesses using the innovative ‘MoveSmart’ technology, Tyrolit machinery is now connected to the internet for the first time.

The technology sends important operating and application data from the construction site directly to the cloud, with the MoveSmart fleet management platform being developed to help contractors shift towards data driven decision making. 


The future starts now

The new generations of wall saws and drilling motors from Tyrolit are already equipped with an IoT (internet of things) module and are therefore immediately platform ready. In addition, MoveSmart supports the integration of older machines and machinery from other manufacturers. With the IoT module, customers are able to discover the exact location of the machine worldwide, overview detailed charts about the utilisation of the machine and receive updated information on diagnostics and maintenance. It also removes the need to search for machine related documentation and certificates as everything is available to download at any time. A ‘reservation’ option helps multiple teams to plan work removing the possibility of double booking the same machines, whilst support can be provided as well as instant troubleshooting advice or service requests. 


Plan and act smart from anywhere

Worldwide connectivity and location tracking are provided with MoveSmart as it provides detailed analytics on machine utilisation as well as diagnostics and maintenance data. The facility exists to upload and access to all necessary machine documentation and certificates and is available with other features via an internet connected PC or smartphone.

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