Continued restrictions but now I can see a light in the tunnel

Published 10/3 at 11:25

Dear friends of the swinging saw blade and the rotating drill bit, we are now in the second year of the coronavirus outbreak and unfortunately Covid-19 is still with us.

As with before, it now seems more or less constantly that we are strongly restricted in our daily lives, and these restrictions will probably be our companion for a while yet. But I don't want to talk about that here and now.

It is March, and spring is coming onwards making great strides. As with every year, the order situation will pick up again just as the snow is receding. The construction industry is still one of the main pillars of the global economy and GDP. That will not change anytime soon, even if industry and public clients will be a little more hesitant when placing orders in the coming months. But that is quite understandable in view of the current situation and the high levels of new public debt. However, in view of developments on the international stock exchanges, I don't see any dark clouds on the horizon. Just a small rain cloud at the most, but that should be quite useful.

That is why I look positively into the future and look forward to the time when we can travel without restrictions again; when we can have a social life again; when I can meet you again in person, and we can maintain normal relationships and exchanges.

Unfortunately, all trade fairs and annual general meetings have been cancelled for the coming spring, but maybe I'll see you at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas in June, or Demcon in Stockholm or BeBoSa in Willingen. The latter two events are set to take place in September this year.

I am however pleased to be able to present our new webinars to you here. Since February we have been offering a webinar on a current topic every month as part of our Academy. Take a look at and be surprised.

I look forward to meeting with you at one or other of the events.

Until then, I wish you a Happy Easter and stay healthy.

Michael Findeis,
President of IACDS

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