Cordless dry coring up to ø102mm from Otto Baier

Published 10/5, 2021 at 15:22

Located in Stuttgart, Germany, Baier has produced high quality power tools for over 80 years, and is a leading manufacturer, focusing on quality and innovation, now exporting to over 60 countries, aiming to bring solutions to the professionals.

Baier, is part of the Cordless Alliance System (CAS) which comprises of 24 different companies (which was formed by Metabo). It has now produced for the first time  a socket sinker to be used in other countries for dry coring up to ø102mm. The company also offers dry coring solutions from ø20mm up to ø300mm. The reason for the development is that CAS's battery system is a proven concept, standing for quality, which is essential for Baier. In addition, the level of technology is continually updated.

By adopting the CAS system, Baier has been able to concentrate on its core competency of dry drilling, with the resulting ABDB82 being a competitive solution for professional use. The company is now in the process of developing further solutions in the field of cordless machines, always as part of the CAS network. Baier is also proud of its ecologically sustainable credentials, and the fact that different suppliers access the same battery base, means that the customer may use fewer battery packs while using a variety of machines from different manufacturers. 

Although the recent development is a stand-alone product, with Baier’s identity intact, the association with CAS means that as part of a community the company is even stronger, actively building on evolving networks. 

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