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For many professional contractors, diamond drilling is a core business in every sense of the word. Vertical drilling, horizontal drilling, overhead drilling, stitch drilling is what they do - day in and day out. To stay on top of their game, they need high performing and reliable equipment. That’s where suppliers come to the rescue with their ‘latest and greatest’ solutions. PDi’s Andrei Bushmarin reports the news from the core drilling industry.

Husqvarna expands electric motor range
Sweden based market leader Husqvarna has expanded its range of electric drill motors with the addition of two single phase 3.2kW models that combine the manufacturer’s trademark user friendliness with increased sturdiness. Featuring a durable aluminium casing, the new DM 400 and DM 430 are designed for heavy duty applications. Compact design makes the machines suitable for work in confined spaces and narrow corners. The carrying handle, which also functions as an impact guard, is easy to remove for extra clearance in tight areas. The machines boast such familiar Husqvarna features as a LED load indicator, ‘SmartStart’ (half speed) button, and quick coupling to the new Husqvarna DS 500 stand. The three speed gearbox makes it easy to adjust rpm to the core diameter, which ranges from 55mm to 350mm in the case of the DM 400, and from 100mm to 450mm in the case of the DM 430. The air cooled heavy duty electric motor is built to withstand high loads without overheating whilst the durable carbon brushes are easy to inspect and replace. To protect the motor and gearbox in case of the core bit jamming, the machines are equipped with two independent systems, namely a mechanical friction clutch and the ‘Husqvarna Elgard™’ electronic motor overload protection. Both models feature the ‘Embedded Connectivity’ system - an enhanced version of Husqvarna Fleet Services - which harvests and analyses key performance indicators when in continuous mode. The DM 400 and DM 430 are available for shipment as of February 2020.

Shibuya extends the ‘Blue-Drill’ series
Shibuya, a drilling and cutting machinery specialist based in Hiroshima, Japan, has added a new coring system to its ‘Blue-Drill’ series launched in 2019. The system is intended for up to 250mm coring jobs and consists of the H2021 electric drill motor and the TS-255 rig. The redesigned motor has a rated output of 3,450W (220-240V), which represents a 95% increase in power on the forerunning R2021 model. Tripping has been minimised by adding a high capacity circuit protector, and the gears have been modernized without increasing the machine’s overall weight. The system’s other highlights include a built in on/off switch with motor overload protection, a multi position swivel water inlet and a portable residual current device (PRCD) that automatically shuts off electricity in the event of electric leakage. A water collection ring and a set of wrenches and Allen keys are included in the scope of supply. The AB52 swivel base is available as an option.

Tyrolit launches a new wet drill drilling system
The new core drilling system DRS250 from Tyrolit-Hydrostress combines construction simplicity with a large diameter range. Designed for up to 250mm wet drilling jobs, the system features a powerful 2.5W drill motor and a two speed oil bath gearbox for efficient lubrication in every working position and optimal torque to speed ratio. The compact and lightweight construction guarantees easy handling and user friendliness. A mechanical overload clutch and integrated PRCD safety switch allow for operational safety while an optional vacuum plate simplifies machine set up.

An ingenious drilling solution from Fast Verdini
A family owned company with a history of over 65 years, Fast Verdini from Italy specialises in manufacturing compact and lightweight equipment for demolition, road building and general construction applications. Its latest core drilling system, the CT 300, was called a ‘showstopper’ at a construction exhibition in Toronto, attracting a major interest from the Canadian audience. Equipped with a 2.4kW three speed Weka drill motor (a 2.8kW two speed is also an alternative), the CT 300 boasts an innovative stand assembly, which is 360° rotatable (both vertically and horizontally) allowing drilling of walls, floors and ceilings from a single position on the floor. The drill motor features a differential circuit breaker incorporated in the power cable and a mechanical clutch to protect internal components.  The drill feed is controlled via a hand wheel that can be fitted onto two different pins, which permits the operator to vary the feeding speed. The system is designed to operate with core bits ranging in diameter from 30mm to 400mm.

Cuttronix is on a roll 
Kaskod-Mtronix, the Estonia based manufacturer of high frequency drilling and sawing machines that made such a spectacular entrance at bauma last year, has kept on expanding its range with new additions. The manufacturer’s next generation Cuttronix CM-10 drill motors featuring the proprietary ‘ISRCdrive™’ technology is designed with high performance, reliability, safety and operator comfort in mind.

The new drills can operate in one or three phase mode. In the three phase mode, the motor continues to function even when one of the phases fails. The ISRCdrive™ technology with its advanced algorithms for motor control allows reducing the overall system cost while integrating motor, gearbox, and motor control system in one compact package. The 10kW rated output power (reaching 15kW at the peak) along with the durable changeable spindle gearboxes allow users to perform any drilling job in masonry and reinforced concrete in the 20mm to 1,000mm diameter range. Weighing in at 7.2kg/m (with 1,100mm and 1,980mm sections available), the stackable column is made of high quality materials is intended for heavy duty drilling applications. The motors feature robust extruded aluminium housing with high ingress protection rating (IP66) for use in harsh environments and wide range of working temperatures. Durable metal contactless buttons and switches are dirt and dust proof. Integrated safety elements, such as mechanical slip clutch for gearbox protection and overload protection, ensure safety and increase the motor’s lifetime. More innovative core drill models with a built in auto feed system and remote control are slated for launch in the first half of 2020.

AGP unveils a new heavy hitter 
The Taiwan based manufacturer of power tools AGP has beefed its portfolio of drilling solutions with a 2.5kW three speed drill motor designed for heavy duty tasks. Featuring an aluminium housing, the new DM8P is a versatile machine suitable for up to 202mm wet drilling in various materials. The motor maintans constant speed even with heavy loads, thereby allowing for fast and efficient drilling, with a built in LED load indicator permitting users to run the drill at optimal efficiency. The Taiwanese manufacturer recommends using the DM8P in combination with the AS200 or S350 drill stand.

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