Published 19/4, 2022 at 09:22

The coronavirus pandemic knocked the construction equipment industry and other facets of daily life for a loop, leaving the sting of lost friends and family members that will never fade.

But thanks to vaccines and other measures, the industry is up off the mat and throwing some powerful hits of its own. That includes hydraulic breakers and handheld hammers that help contractors turn even the mightiest of concrete structures into more manageable morsels, or create channels for building systems, reinforcement, and other features to enhance both their form and function. Other products are sure to join this segment in the coming months and years as more manufacturers regain their footing in the post-pandemic world. But why wait for that proverbial ‘second bird in the bush’, when these new products are available and ready to get to work!


Promove’s Hammer goes Digital

Having manufactured hydraulic demolition equipment in more than 50 countries for more than 30 years, Promove of Molfetta, Italy, is the expression of Italian "creative know-how.” Now, Promove has introduced the innovative e-Breaker system, which allows remote monitoring and control of equipment in real time. e-Breaker enables owners and managers of fleets to know exactly where their equipment is and how it is being used, and allows them to maximise and optimize the production by tracking the hammers’ productivity.

Users can access information via a web application on their PC, Smartphone, or tablet to keep track of the total working hours of the hammer, schedule service and maintenance interventions, get real-time visualization of the equipment’s last 10 positions, prevent theft by receiving alerts of unauthorized movement, and keep records of the maintenance interventions carried out.

The innovative e-Breaker system is available on the XP Line of Hydraulic Hammers which has been designed to make the work easier thanks to the high performance delivered. Blank firing prevention system ensures that the hammer cannot be operated until pressure is placed on the tool. It also protects the tool from failure and tie rod stress, reduces oil overheating, and protects against premature failures decreasing both operating and maintenance costs.

The XP series boasts an energy recovery, a power/ frequency automatic regulation system. The innovative smart valve with the “plug and play” feature allows users to install the breaker without having to adjust any settings on the excavator. In addition to significant time and cost savings, this feature eliminates future problems such as premature breakages due to extra flow. This system also allows the breaker to be moved to various machines, making it easier to rent equipment. For those looking to match a hydraulic breaker with a mini excavator, consider Promove’s five-model light range, which weigh 60-430 kg.

Promove is also pleased to announce some innovative enhancements to the XP line. The new 165kg XP 151 replaces and improves the old XP150. It is designed specifically for jobs that require greater delicacy and collateral damage control, offering incredible versatility thanks to its constitutive technology. Shock protection absorbers, mounted above and below the hammer body, avoid vibrations and damage to the excavator arm. The nitrogen valve is easily accessible for faster and more efficient gas control or for refill operations. A low-pressure chamber improves the energy at each blow and, together with the increased diameter impact mass, produces a more powerful blow.

The real new addition to the family is the 3,800kg XP3800, which places itself between the XP3100 and XP4500, offering a perfect fit for excavators in the 37-60t range. Applications such as tunnelling and underwater work will be an easy game for this little giant, thanks to its tool diameter of 170mm and an impact energy of 14,500 J, making it one of the most powerful hammers on the market for its weight. Moreover, like its XP “colleagues,” it is equipped with anti-blank firing system, impact force regulating valve, easily accessible valve for nitrogen charge and control, automatic greasing system, shock absorbers to reduce vibrations and stresses on the supporting arm, spurs made of Hardox, and special anti-wear plate that makes this breaker indestructible.



Caterpillar introduces two new Cat Performance Series Hammers

Built for high production on large excavators, the new Cat H190 S and H215 S Performance Series hammers deliver consistent breaking power. Their extremely efficient operation cycle results in less waste from internal heat for more power delivered to the tool. With piston and tool matched in diameter and mass, these new hammers offer increased power transmission frequency. Operators can switch power mode from high frequency/low power to low frequency/high power, giving the ability to fine tune power to the material being broken.

While powerful, the new H190 S and H215 S hammers lead in operator comfort and machine protection with their proprietary buffering material that dampens vibration feedback to the carrier. Automatic shut-off that prevents blank firing and hammer damage can be temporarily turned off for horizontal and overhead operation in tunneling and mining applications. The flexible hammers can be configured for joystick or pedal control to suit the operator’s preference when working in quarry, demolition and general construction applications. Auto Stop instantly terminates hammering when the tool breaks through material, preventing damage to both the carrier and hammer.

Next-gen excavators automatically recognize the H190 S and H215 S Hammers and prompt operators to select the correct tool program. Protecting the cab and keeping the attachment in predefined operating areas at the jobsite, the new hammer dimensions are included in Cat E-Fence technology. Through the Cat excavators Product Link technology, users can quickly locate the hammer attachment using the Cat App. Hammer pressure and flow rates are viewed on the in-cab monitor and can be configured manually or automatically using the touchscreen display.

All daily checks and routine service can be performed without removing the new H190 S and H215 S Hammers from the carrier, saving time. Steady internal gas pressure throughout the duration of the annual service interval eliminates the need for frequent charge inspection. The lower bushing’s rotatable design optimizes service life to minimize parts costs, while the bushing can be quickly serviced in the field using hand tools.

A standard on-board autolube system provides continual greasing during hammer operation to improve attachment longevity. For operating in extreme environments, an optional wear package protects the hammer housing from damage.


Dehaco’s ‘IBEX’ ‘GS’ and ‘HS’ breakers—two letters that make a world of difference

In 2013, Dehaco launched its IBEX breakers, which have been popular with demolition companies around the world since day one. While the GS series is particularly well known, Dehaco’s HS series is proving an increasingly attractive alternative to the traditional gas breaker. Each series works in different ways, uses different components, and have a different appearance. Breakers from the GS series are designed for use with excavators from 800kg to 60t, while breakers from the HS series are better suited for use with excavators from 30t to 100t.

The gas silenced GS hammers are suitable for all types of major and minor demolition jobs, either on a daily or occasional basis. Their enormous power results from the built in nitrogen chamber, which stores recoil energy for conversion into additional impact energy when needed. The nitrogen chamber also ensures that less vibration is transmitted back to the excavator.

The hydraulic silenced HS breakers likewise boast a number of smart systems that are said to make operators very happy. These include built in safety features that prevent the breaker from being overloaded. This allows maximum oil supply efficiency with all of the breaker's energy converted into impact energy. Smart valves ensure that the breaker strikes constantly, which is good for the operator and avoids unpleasant surprises on the job. In addition to requiring less maintenance, the HS breaker’s suspension in the cabinet reduces the recoil to the excavator. This makes for a nice and quiet cabin, and reduces wear and tear on the excavator.

HS breakers are particularly attractive on jobs where it is necessary to work for longer periods of time, e.g., in mines, when demolishing buildings or wind turbine foundations, etc. In addition, HS breaker’s high impact frequency is very advantageous when working in quarries.


Tabe breaker innovations keep coming

For more than 50 years, Tabe has designed and manufactured products to serve the construction, demolition, recycling and mining sectors. Last year, the company launched its new MT 195 breaker for mini loaders and excavators and the MT 800 for 11t to14t excavators. All feature Tabe’s signature cylindrical design, monoblock structure, through bolts, blank firing protection, minimal maintenance, and longer product life. Options include dust protection rings for all small models and auto greasing for larger models.

There’s more to come this year, as Tabe is currently updating the rest of its light breaker range. And this autumn, visitors to bauma will be treated to the debut of the MT 385, an updated version of the most iconic model of Tabe’s monoblock light range. Whether it’s a totally new model or an enhancement to an existing product, Tabe’s goal is always to offer more efficient breakers that deliver more power with less fuel consumption.


A big year for Montabert

Last year was a very important milestone for Montabert. Along with celebrating its 100th anniversary, the Lyon, France based company also upgraded one of its most famous range - the ‘Silver Clip’. Launched in 2004, the Silver Clip range was a major breakthrough, with key features and innovations which have driven the industry since then, including no tie rods, floating bushing, single retainer, etc. With tens of thousands of units sold, Montabert has accumulated a huge knowledge base and is now able to significantly upgrade this product line.

The new range, named ‘SD’, features seven models (6, 8, 12, 16, 22, 28, 36, and 42), weighing from 60kg to 500kg for 0.7t to 12t machines. In addition to a new design allowing low sound levels for urban environments, the SD range is very tolerant to back pressure, with a smart hydraulic distribution that keeps maximised energy per blow. SD breakers are also compatible with all quick couplers and meet all adaptation requirements for the user’s carrier. For every compact carrier in the market, with any configuration, there will always be at least one SD breaker. These breakers are also said by the company to be the only compact class models on the market with two lifting points, to sling and handle them with perfect balance and safety. As the technology has passed the test of time, the range is backed by a standard two year warranty, which can be extended by two extra years.

Montabert’s SD breakers are now available worldwide.


JCB’s ‘Professional’ breaker range

The Professional range of breakers from JCB is designed for maximum productivity, reliability, and versatility. A robust housing system provides excellent protection for the owner’s investment, while it is said that class leading tool diameters give higher resistance to failures and improve wear rates. In addition, the units’ ‘Q’ option provides quieter operation and increased operator comfort, while the permanently sealed accumulator helps reduce service costs. A stainless steel piston eliminates corrosion and offers greater protection to the seals.

The Professional breaker range begins with the HM100Q for 1t to 1.8t carriers, and has an impact energy of 170J and blow rate of 900 to1,320bpm. For the 1t to 3.5t carrier class, the HM140Q has impact energy of 225J, while the HM166Q for 1.9t to 4.5t carriers delivers impact energy of 252J. The HM266Q Professional breaker serves the 2.8t to 6.0t carrier class with 376JJ of impact energy, while the large diameter 600J HM386 for 4.5t to 9t carriers makes greater use of the impact energy to increase productivity. Finally, there’s the HM496Q for 6.5t to 13t carriers, provides an impact energy of 855J.


New handheld drills from Maruzen Kogyo

As with our many industry manufacturing colleagues and customers, Maruzen Kogyo has struggled to weather the many challenges of the coronavirus pandemic over the last two years. The safety and well-being of the company’s employees, partners and their families has of course taken precedence. But Maruzen Kogyo has also strived to maintain the high level of quality and reliability customers have come to expect from its range of hydraulic handheld tools for nearly 70 years.

Now, with economic activity gradually returning to pre-pandemic levels, Maruzen Kogyo is pleased to announce two new products. First is the BH7E hydraulic chipping hammer, a 7kg tool that produces much more power that one might expect from a small package. The lightweight body is easy to hold steady for horizontal chipping, making it ideal for jobs in narrow spaces. The BH7E is designed with an ‘anti-bouncing’ system that lightens the bounce of the chisel when breaking, which reduces stress on the operator. The result is a safer, more comfortable operation.

Sharing the debut spotlight is the DH205 hydraulic rock drill. The DH205’s built in compressor enables the tool to generate air on its own, while an external air connection is available to facilitate deeper drilling work. Users can select from four modes of operation to match the DH205’s power output with rock hardness.


Breaking in Hilti’s TE 60-22 ‘Nuron’ combi hammer

Hilti’s 70 tool rollout of its new Nuron 22V battery platform includes the TE 60-22 combi hammer for heavy duty concrete drilling and chiselling using 18.25mm to 40mm drill bits. Weighing just 8.1kg, including the battery, the TE 60-22 provides the same drilling and chipping power found in larger rotary hammers. The brushless motor and high efficiency Nuron battery is said to provide run times up to three times longer than conventional batteries, as well as longer trigger time for fewer work interruptions. Along with conventional concrete work, the TE 60-22 offers versatility for a wide range of tasks, including drilling holes for pipe penetrations, electrical outlets and post installed rebar connections up to 42.625mm in diameter.

Upgraded safety features include Hilti’s ‘Active Torque Control’ (ATC) to better protect users from uncontrolled spinning if the bit jams and ‘Active Vibration Reduction’ (AVR) for increased shielding from vibration. The TE 60-22 can be used with Hilti’s TE DRS-Y and TE DRS-D dust removal systems.


Quality and Performance from Beilite

Beilite Europe has proven to be successful in the European market as many rental companies and end users have chosen the Beilite hammers for their impact force, reliability and durability. Last but not least, the direct availability of the complete hammer range has proven its point with the third Beilite factory now being full operation. This year stock levels have been increased to cope with the rising demand, with the just in time deliveries in Europe being supplied from dedicated European stock in the Netherlands. Spare part availability has also been increased to 80%.

This year the models BLTB 190, with a working weight of 5,140kg and tool diameter of 190mm, and the BLTB 200, with a 5,580kg working weight, and a tool diameter of 200mm, are going to be introduced in Europe, standard fitted with  the ‘Autolube’ system (models BLTB85-210).

Beilite Europe has also become member of the European Demolition Association (EDA) and Deutscher Abbruchverband and will be present at both the EDA annual convention in Paris, 9-11 June 2022, and next year during the Fachtagung, 3 March in Berlin.

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