Crushing and screening river rock with just one machine

Published 11/3, 2022 at 09:38

High throughput with a small machine, transportable on any low loader, ready for use any time and able to handle a wide range of applications: these are some of the criteria that encourage many customers to choose the original Rubble Master compact crusher.

One of these customers is the Chilean company Quilín, which often has to access remote construction sites and process a wide variety of materials. River rock in particular would normally have to be processed using several crushers. However, the ‘RM 100GO!’ manages this task in a just one pass, saving time and money.

Transporting machines several hundred kilometres between construction sites is quite common for the Chilean company Quilín. Based in Santiago de Chile, the company has started several projects in remote areas throughout Chile as part of its growth plan. Each job site places very different demands on the company and its crusher because of the terrain, varying feed materials and the various final aggregates to be produced. As part of growth plans, Quilín decided to invest in the RM 100GO! mobile crusher.

The first challenge facing the new machine was the journey from Santiago de Chile to Puerto Aisén in Patagonia to crush river rock. Until now, this demanding material required several crushing stages and consequently several machines to produce a cubic aggregate from the abrasive gravel. The RM crusher can do this with its built on mesh screen in just a single pass. The result is cost savings in transport because only one truck is needed to transport the crusher, the post screen and wear parts such as replacement hammers. RM sales partner Raico in Santiago provided training for the Quilín team with the crusher being brought to Puerto Montt on a low loader. Following the 9h ferry trip to Puerto Chacabuco, the crusher drove off the ferry onto another low loader and headed for Puerto Aisén.


Crushing and screening river rock

Crushing river rock, river gravel and even bank gravel to form material with well-defined edges is one of the great challenges in mobile processing. The first task for the RM 100GO! was to crush 300mm river rock to under 40mm. The final product is used as a substructure for the airfield at the job site. This means that perfectly cuboid final aggregate was required. The RM 100GO!’s crushing technology has proved up to the task, achieving a high crushing ratio of 10 to 1 and output of a high quality, perfectly cubed product. This degree of crushing can theoretically also be achieved with the combination of a jaw and cone crusher. However, purchasing only one crusher saves money on investment costs, as well as for transport and maintenance. In addition, the RM 100GO! requires much less space on the construction site and is easier and faster to manoeuvre than a line of machines.


Cubic final aggregate

River rock cannot normally be assigned to one particular type of rock and is often extremely hard and abrasive. In addition, other crushing technologies often leave smaller grain sizes uncrushed in the final aggregate. Thanks to its unique three stage impact arm and the many adjustment options of the crushing box, RM offers the optimum settings for every material. As a result, river gravel stays in the crushing box for longer until it reaches the specified size and cubic shape. This may sound complicated, but it is not. A spokesperson for Quilín confirmed that, ‘The RM 100GO! is a very simple machine to operate. It is easy to maintain and configure, so we always manage to deliver a final aggregate with well-defined edges that meets requirements.’

The RM 100GO! can also be easily and quickly adjusted for other feed materials. That is why the RM crusher meets all the requirements of the Chilean customer, which has resulted in a satisfied customer. The spokesperson for Quilin concluded: ‘The RM 100GO! is a highly versatile and flexible diesel electric crusher that is ideal for our applications in the recycling, construction, aggregate and asphalt industries.’

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