CSDA of North America announces new company certification program

Published 22/2, 2018 at 14:08

The CSDA Company Certification Program is a company audit program specifically for sawing and drilling contractors, developed by CSDA’s certification committee. The program provides a valuable prequalification tool, as well as improving the knowledge and skills of cutting contractors.

“The CSDA Company Certification Program made us take a look at our business from another angle, and analyse how we do things. This has not only resulted in us winning jobs through our certified status, but has improved us from an operational standpoint,” says Daniel Foley of CSDA contractor member, Cobra Concrete Cutting Services Co.

To achieve certification, a company must meet the basic safety and insurance requirements of the industry, undertake sound operational and financial best practices, and provide evidence it has taken part in basic training or certification programs. This information is compiled and submitted as a confidential written application review by an independent third party law firm, which notifies the CSDA when an application has been approved.

“I am extremely pleased to have my company achieve CSDA certified company status,” says Cutting Edge Services Corporation owner Tim Beckman, a wire sawing specialist based in Batavia, Ohio. “The CSDA Company Certification Program provides me with documentation that can I present to customers and general contractors. I can prove that the company not only performs safe and efficient cutting work, but also attains a high level of business performance.”

The first of its kind in the industry, the program aims to promote the message that hiring a certified company will eliminate risks associated with hiring a cutting contractor. The CSDA is the only association that certifies contractors, and the Company Certification Program is available to all contractor members. 


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