Cutting through the global crisis

Published 2/12, 2020 at 14:50

Despite this truly horrendous year, the concrete cutting industry refuses to give up. Having proven its resilience many times over in past decades, it will undoubtedly find a way to get over this unprecedented calamity. Closed borders and disrupted supply chains notwithstanding, manufacturers of sawing and drilling equipment still manage to launch new products onto the market, albeit at a much slower pace. PDi’s Andrei Bushmarin focuses on the latest innovations in the floor sawing segment.

 Another happy user of Cuts Inc. skid steer saws  

A family owned contractor and manufacturer of bespoke sawing and drilling equipment based in Knoxville, Tennessee, Cuts Inc. is storming the global market with its mobile sawing solution.  Mounted on a skid steer, the saw allows making multiple cuts on even or sloped surfaces within a short time period. The three basic models – SS2600, SS3600 and SS4200 – provide a cutting depth of up to 460mm, while custom builds can go as deep as 510mm. Most customers use Cuts Inc. machines for cutting asphalt, concrete roads and highways, but the solution is also applicable for cutting stone, concrete panels, sewer and drainage pipes, fibreglass panels and aluminium. The founder, Matt Hephner, says that the skid saw has now become an internet sensation, with enquiries flooding in from every corner of the world. The latest customer testimonial is from Peterson Chase General Engineering, a general contractor based in Irvine, California, that extols the efficiency and time saving benefits of the Cuts Inc. approach. According to fleet manager Dwayne Knoll, it takes time to train personnel on a floor saw while the Cuts Inc. system allows a skilled skid steer driver to successfully operate the saw without special training. Impressed by the machine’s performance, the Californian contractor has recently taken delivery of another skid steer saw from Cuts Inc. 


 Egun’s wire sawing robot shines on a chimney demolition project  

South Korea based Egun System is another example of a manufacturer that has its roots in the contracting business. Its founder, Sungjun Lee, started out as a concrete cutting and demolition contractor back in the early 1990s. He designed his first track mounted wire saw G100 in 2010 and three years later established Egun System that began offering mobile sawing solutions to both domestic and overseas contractors. The latest addition to the Korean manufacturer’s portfolio is the G-200E robotic wire saw. Powered by a 220hp diesel engine, the G-200E is designed for large scale cutting jobs such as dismantling of bridges, industrial stacks and other building structures made from reinforced concrete. Thanks to the reduced weight of 4.3t and its compact dimensions of 5m x 1.8m x 2m (length, width, height), the machine is also a good choice for working in confined spaces or underwater. The most recent example of the wire saw’s capabilities involved using a G-200E on a chimney demolition project in the city of Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi province, South Korea. It took just nine cuts to dismantle the 60m stack, with a wall thickness of 800mm at the bottom and 600mm at the top. The cut off sections of the stack were hoisted away by a 500t crane. The job, which was subcontracted to Egun System by Jungheung Construction, a major player in the Korean building industry, was completed within only 11 days. 


 Lissmac’s knack for flush cutting saves the day for a German contractor  

When Diamant Technik Harz, a specialist sawing and drilling contractor based in Drübeck, Germany, took delivery of a ‘Compactcut’ 401E electric floor saw from Lissmac, its choice was based on the saw’s unique selling point: namely the ability to make flush cuts efficiently. With the blade fastened with six countersunk screws rather than a conventional flange, the Compactcut 401E is capable of making cuts within just 15mm off a wall. The challenge Diamant Technik Harz was facing was to cut a 400m long and 50mm deep joint in the asphalt floor of a warehouse. The job was specified by the recycling and decontamination specialist RST Thale GmbH whose new warehouse for contaminated material required a 30mm seal between the asphalt floor and the concrete wall to prevent any seepage into the ground. A regular floor saw couldn’t reach any closer than 50mm to the wall and was therefore unsuitable for the task. “The Compactcut’s flush cutting capabilities were the decisive factor for us. We couldn’t have been able to complete this job so quickly and accurately as we did with any other machine. The customer is satisfied and that is what matters to us most,” says Reinhard Strohmeyer, managing director of Diamant Technik Harz. “It only requires an optional flush blade to make full use of this characteristic. It takes just one to two minutes to exchange the blade guards, since we don’t use this versatile machine for flush cutting exclusively,” further comments Strohmeyer. Driven by a 7.5kW 400V electric motor, Compactcut 401E reaches a speed of 1,250rpm and accommodates diamond blades of up to 800mm in diameter. Thanks to the low noise and emissions free electric drive, the machine is particularly suited to indoor applications. It can be easily converted from left hand side to right hand side operation. The height adjustable ergonomic handles can be fixed at different levels to help prevent operator fatigue.


 Kern-Deudiam expands electric portfolio  

Another German heavyweight, Kern-Deudiam, is expanding its range of electric floor cutters with the addition of the brand new KDF1200-E model. Featuring an intelligent control system, the cordless self-propelled saw boasts a power of 15kW (32A) and a cutting depth of 510mm. The user friendly control panel ensures reliable and intuitive operation via a joystick and a selector switch. Visual indicators (permanent or flashing lights) ensure accurate operation and help error detection. Additionally, the KDF1200-E offers a number of smart features such as interchangeable flanges (25.4mm and 60mm) and stepless variable blade speed. Kern-Deudiam prides itself on the fact that the KDF1200-E (like every other machine in the range) has been designed and manufactured in house at its facilities in Hövelhof, Germany. 


 Fast Verdini focuses on microtrenching  

With a track record of over 60 years in floor sawing equipment, Italy based Fast Verdini offers a comprehensive range of floor cutters that includes petrol, diesel and electric driven models. Responding to the ever growing demand for fibre optics, the Italian company has recently developed a special series tailored to microtrenching applications. Powered by a 13hp Honda GX390 engine, the hand propelled floor cutter ‘LM/F FIBRA’ comes with two diamond blades measuring 500mm in diameter to cut 10mm to 12mm wide joints to a depth of up to 185mm. The self-propelled ‘NC24M/F FIBRA’, driven by a 27hp Honda GX690 engine, features electric start and up to three 600mm diamond blades to cut 15mm, 20mm or 24mm wide microtrenches to a depth of 220mm. An electric pump for cooling water and mechanical drive corrector are optionally available for this model. The ‘NC26M/F FIBRA’ model boasts the same characteristics as the NC24M/F FIBRA, but with electric pump and drive corrector included in the scope of delivery as standard. 

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