Dehaco ‘IBEX’ rock breakers

Published 12/9 at 13:25

Breaking rocks, trenching, breaking concrete structures and buildings, asphalt and paving breaking, removing slag from blast furnaces and ladles or secondary rock breaking, have proved to be applications where the controlled force delivered by IBEX hydraulic breakers from Dehaco have proved their worth. Dehaco states that this is due to the breakers’ outstanding quality, versatility, power and durability with its hydraulic breakers being used to further crush and demolish material, from buildings for example, in a controlled manner.

Dehaco has two types of hydraulic breakers: the IBEX ‘GS’ series and the ‘HS’ series. The IBEX GS series is comprised of 14 models, all equipped with a nitrogen accumulator and are suitable for carriers from 0.8t to 55t. The larger models in the GS series (1200 - 4000) feature an accumulator to generate additional impact energy. The accumulator also reduces peak pressures from the hydraulic circuit, reducing recoil to the carrier and protecting the breaker. When desired, the breakers are available with an open housing, the ‘GO’ series (Gas Open).

The IBEX HS series is comprised of four models, with the completely hydraulic breakers featuring the ‘PAA’ system (Power Absorbing Accumulator) and the ‘OTC’ system (Oil Traffic Control). These specially designed technologies are designed to ensure a continuous and stable oil flow and operating pressure, where an optimal impact energy will be produced. Both systems act as a hydraulic shock absorber, where the constant impact energy further reduces any recoil to the carrier.

All HS models feature as standard ‘ABF’ technology. This is an automatic control system which comes into effect when blank strokes are detected during operation. This prevents enormous amounts of stress being applied to the vital components which increases the lifespan and reduces the wear to the breaker. The longer maintenance intervals are said to characterise these as extremely reliable breakers.

The hydraulic breakers are also available with quick mount systems. In this way the machine operator has more feeling and can work more efficient with the tool, enabling the operator to switch more easily from tools resulting in a lot of time being saved.

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