Demarec and Steelwrist sign cooperation agreement

Published 27/12, 2021 at 12:12

Demarec and Steelwrist have announced a cooperation agreement for Steelwrist SQ full automatic work tool adaptors for Demarec products and SQ quick couplers. This is based on the global demand for full automatic coupler systems for excavators continuing to grow in the demolition and construction industry.

Steelwrist SQ couplers are appreciated by customers for the increased safety and ability to change hydraulic powered work tools in seconds without leaving the cab. The range includes SQ60, SQ65, SQ70, SQ70/55, SQ80 and the recently introduced SQ90, the biggest model so far. Steelwrist SQ products follow the Open-S industry standard for full automatic couplers for excavators. Demarec is one of the major manufacturers of hydraulic attachments for the demolition and recycling industry. With more than 25years of experience in the sector, Demarec has been successful in meeting market demand with innovative technology and expertise.

“We at Demarec know the advantages of the full automatic couplers in combination with our demolition and recycling equipment like no other. In the past years, supply and demand in the market of automatic quick coupler systems has undergone a significant change. Nowadays, more suppliers of such systems are active on the market to meet the continuously growing demand for fully automatic systems. As a specialist in full hydraulic couplers, we have also started this cooperation with Steelwrist,” says Marcel Vening, managing director marketing and sales at Demarec.

 “Owners and operators are really starting to adopt to the full automatic coupler technology, and in the demolition industry, it is moving toward a must in many countries. With the Steelwrist SQ and ‘Qplus’ technology we can support the Demarec organisation directly from the factory. Demarec with their focus on quality products and support is a good example of an equipment manufacturer that we are very happy to work with,” says Stefan Stockhaus, CEO of Steelwrist AB.

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