Diamond tool sharpening made easy

Published 12/9 at 13:24

Whether for drill bits or diamond saw blades, Tyrolit offers efficient solutions for re-sharpening metal bond diamond tools.

In general, diamond tools sharpen themselves during their application. But the question arises about what to do if they lose their cutting ability due to unfavourable aggregates or cutting less abrasive materials. Tyrolit says that there is a simple but effective solution through sharpening tools that restore the bond and ideally reveal the diamonds again. For this purpose, Tyrolit offers sharpening plates on the one hand, but also loose abrasive grain on the other, depending on the product that must be re-sharpened. By using them, users are said to achieve optimum results throughout the entire product life cycle of their diamond tool.

Tyrolit says that its sharpening plates are a must have accessories for metal bond diamond tools; they have a multi-layer structure, whether from Tyrolit or other manufacturers. The SP1 sharpening plate is said to be perfect for sharpening all types of diamond drilling, sawing and grinding tools for dry or wet applications. There is also a separate version (SP6), which was especially designed for tile saw blades and the fine diamond grain they contain. Depending on the condition of the diamond tool, two to three cuts or bores in the corresponding sharpening plate are sufficient for re-sharpening.

Especially for re-sharpening dry drill bits, Tyrolit also offers loose abrasive grain, the ‘Drilling Booster’. The abrasive grain can directly be poured into the bore hole when using the Tyrolit dry drilling system. In the case of difficult aggregates such as limestone, the booster can also be added continuously during the drilling process for constant cutting. Excess material is removed together with the drilling dust by the dust extraction system.

On YouTube, Tyrolit demonstrates the correct application of these sharpening tools. They can directly be accessed via the following QR code:

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