Diamond tool suppliers weather the slump by focusing on product development

Published 30/12, 2020 at 09:26

If there is one silver lining to the catastrophic 2020, it is the fact that with travelling restricted and sales activity decreased, manufacturers of construction machinery and tools have had more time on their hands to focus on product development. And that was exactly what many leading suppliers of diamond consumables chose to do this year. Andrei Bushmarin reports.

Tyrolit updates dry sawing range and launches ‘one blade cuts all’ model
In anticipation of a new decade, Austrian heavyweight Tyrolit has updated its ‘Premium’ range of dry cutting blades. The new tools, which are compliant with the OSA and EN13236 regulations, are reported to provide increased performance of up to 30%. The segments made by the company’s patented TGD Technology are now bigger and boast better diamond distribution. The redesigned ‘U-cuts’ improve the cooling effect while the reduced segment surface increases cutting rates. The Premium range has been available as of February 2020 while the ‘Standard’ and ‘Basic’ product lines are currently being overhauled. The complete revised range of dry sawing tools will hit the stores by spring 2021. Also new from Tyrolit this year is the ‘CUT-ALL’ diamond blade, which will be appreciated by both hard-core professionals and DYI enthusiasts. Living up to its name, the blade can be used on almost any construction material as well as for landscaping, gardening and rescuing tasks. The CUT-ALL disc will be available in all standard diameters as of late 2020.



Heger launches the ‘Titan Wave’
Germany based Heger Excellent Diamond Tools has designed a new segment called ‘Titan Wave’, which combines state of the art metallurgy with the latest innovations in artificial diamond manufacturing. The Titan Wave ensures up to 50% higher concentration of diamond on the blade. This enables the German manufacturer to use less wear resistant metal bonds for higher cutting speed and longer service life. According to Heger, the segment sets a new benchmark in concrete and asphalt cutting. Now Heger is looking to adapt the segment’s special shape to its range of core drills. Dry drilling in reinforced concrete is probably the biggest challenge that diamond tool manufacturers are currently facing and as with wet drilling, there are considerable regional differences in the composition of aggregates and power rates of drill motors at play. To cover all bases, Heger has developed three types of segment compositions and tubes with unique ventilation spirals and openings for good airflow ensure an almost 100% dust free working environment. Heger is proud to be one of the first diamond tool companies that have taken part in the FEPA SEAM program dedicated to the sustainability of the abrasive industry.




Syntec Diamond Tools expands blade offering
Syntec Diamond Tools, an Australia based diamond tool specialist, has recently broadened its range of blades to cover a diverse range of applications. “At Syntec, we work closely with our customers, exploring their needs and listening to their feedback”, says general manager, national sales & marketing, Phil Badcock. “We have always made custom-made tools for our clients but we are now rolling them out into our general portfolio.” A part of the newly introduced series are Syntec’s early entry blades, available for soft, medium, and hard concrete. Phil explains, “A common issue when pouring concrete is the occurrence of random cracks in the surface when the concrete hydrates and sets. During this process, the material shrinks, and tension develops internally. To prevent this random cracking, controlled shallow cuts can be made with our early entry blades, reducing the stresses within the material. As a rule of thumb, the ‘gold blade’ is for same day cutting, the ‘red blade’ is for next day cutting and the ‘magenta blade’ is for cutting after two to three days. As an ancillary product, we also provide skid plates that typically need replacing with every third blade.” Another addition to the range is the cordless ‘quick cut blade’. Designed for hand held battery operated quick cut saws, it features a shorter 10mm segment, which reduces the surface drag and provides a faster cut by allowing for more pressure on the segment surface. As a result, the draw on the battery is much lower. The high quality, laser welded segments enable full use of the segment depth, providing a long blade life. 



Kern-Deudiam prioritises dry methods and adds new ring saw blade blade offering
German based Kern-Deudiam is another example of a manufacturer that recognises the potential of dry sawing and drilling techniques. According to the company, an increasing number of general and specialist contractors ask for diamond tools tailored to dry applications. Kern Deudiam’s ‘UNIX2’ and ‘BETO’ dry core bits are said to be ‘a resounding success’, with thousands of units being shipped out of the company’s facilities in 2020. Another innovation unveiled by the German company this year is the ‘EXPRESS2’ ring saw blade for sawing in reinforced concrete to a depth of up to 300mm (for example, with the ‘TR40 ANNA’ ring saw from Weka). By launching the EXPRESS2 the German company has bolstered its portfolio of cutting rings that are suited to all leading machine brands. 



Ashine unveils a new three step surface preparation technique
After years of vigorous research and testing, China based surface preparation expert Ashine Diamond Tools has developed a three step technique which allows grinding and polishing contractors to achieve a perfectly polished floor. The first step involves using ‘Ashine Flex-Metal pads 200#’ to open the surface. Secondly, the flexible resin pads should be applied to it to remove scratches left by the Flex-Metal and to hone the surface. After the first two phases, wet grinding must be the method of choice (as per the OSHA standard) to reduce dust pollution and to protect the operators from contracting silicosis. At the last stage, Ashine’s brand new ‘Flex-Resin pads 800#’ are recommended for final polishing. According to the manufacturer, this three step approach results in finely finished surface with high DOI (‘Distinctness of Image’) readings. 


Commitment to R&D drives Sonmak’s success
Based in Ankara, Turkey, Sonmak Diamond Tools is the country’s leading manufacturer of diamond consumables with a history of 45 years. By 2020, the company has grown into a global player, with customers in the US, Europe, Middle East and Australia. Baris Ortulu, Sonmak’s business development manager, attributes the company’s success to its unwavering commitment to R&D and investing in highly skilled staff. Listening to customers’ feedback is another important factor in Sonmak’s continued progress. As Baris Ortulu puts it, “Highways are our labs”. Sonmak is a full cycle manufacturer that controls the entire production process from mixing powders and diamond particles to making segments, to final sawing and drilling tools. It produces brazed diamond blades of up to 2.1m in diameter and core bits of any conceivable diameter. Sonmak’s diamond blades fit hand held and wall sawing systems ranging in power from 5hp to 110hp. The company also acts a supplier of drilling and sawing segments to many small manufacturers around the world. 


HSD Europe reports a successful business year
Despite the unprecedented challenges that 2020 has posed for industries all around the world, HSD Europe reports a successful financial year. Based in Eschborn, a business hub just about 10km from the city of Frankfurt, HSD Europe is the European arm of South Korean manufacturer Hyosung D&P. This year, HSD Europe is said to have slightly increased turnover and it projects further growth of up to 20% in 2021. The company also reports a boost in production of core drills, which it began manufacturing at its German facilities in 2019. As far as new products are concerned, this year HSD Europe has launched the second generation of ‘EDIA-N’ diamond blades suitable for a wide range of sawing tasks and a new metal cutting blade. The EDIA, which stands for ‘Evolution of Diamond Impregnation Array’, is HSD’s in house diamond technology. According to the manufacturer, the updated EDIA-N range offers up to 50% increase in service life and has a more attractive price tag compared to the previous generation. The new metal cutting blade manufactured using vacuum brazing technology can be used on any type of metal. Unlike abrasive tools, this blade generates almost no dust, which makes it an environmentally friendly solution. When tested against the competition on a 5mm x 22mm steel profile and a Ø20mm pipe, the blade is reported to have performed faster by 49% and 26% respectively. 


Solga Diamant is well prepared for 2021
With three factories located in and around Barcelona, Solga Diamant spent the best part of 2020 designing new products for 2021. Solga’s bestseller, the ‘Swift’ blade’, has been updated with a new support and a new segment to dissipate the heat generated during dry cutting. The blade can be used in either dry or wet mode on an angle grinder, a cutting table or a floor saw. The second new development is a new range of block cutting discs with a maximum diameter of 900mm. The manufacturer uses thin steel bodies to minimise the cutting area, thus maximising the power available with block cutting machines. In the floor cutting segment, Solga currently focuses on microtrenching solutions. Its slim floor cutting blade, only 2.0mm thick, is specifically designed for cutting expansion joints in green concrete. For dry drilling jobs, Solga has developed a new series of core bits featuring UNC connection. To achieve the best possible result, the company recommends using the core bits in combination with an impact drill motor and a vacuum cleaning system. Last but not least is a new line of surface preparation tools with a PCD insert and specially shaped segments to remove epoxy resins from concrete floors.


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