Diamond tools and concrete cutting equipment

Published 2/7, 2015 at 14:25

Husqvarna Construction Equipment

Husqvarna Construction Products launched a number of new products at World of Concrete in Las Vegas earlier this year. Intermat with World of Concrete Europe became the first show in Europe where the new products where displayed. In terms of diamond tools the Diagrip system has been extended with new products.

Another new diamond tool on show was the dry cutting blade VeriCut first shown in Las Vegas. In addition a new remotely controlled version of the largest concrete floor grinder and polisher Husqvarna PG 820 RC was released. Husqvarna also showed the new drill stand for big diameters of core drilling, Husqvarna DS 900. The new light weight high cycle chain saw Husqvarna K 6500 Chain was launched making the Prime family complete. Also on display were three new packages for the Husqvarna range of demolition robots, the additional feature package, the cooling package and the heat protection package.


Hilti DD Cut-Assist

At Intermat Hilti presented and demonstrated the diamond coring machine DD 350-CA with the new automatic support module for core drills, Hilti DD Cut-Assist.

Thanks to the support module drilling can be performed effortlessly even in extreme conditions. This Hilti innovation that fits over the core drills Hilti DD 350 and DD 500, allows for drilling automatically while the users perform other tasks on site.

After installation of the column and the setting of the automatic feed module, a single button is enough to turn on the system. DD Cut-Assist manages independently all stages of drilling, including surface detection, water management, and slow start for a better beginning or start of the Iron boost function that increases torque.

At the end of drilling, the system automatically goes back, stops the water supply and stops the engine. Users can dismantle and install the core drill for the next application.

Tyrolit Hydrostress

Tyrolit showcased the new wall saw, WSE811***.  This is currently the world’s lightest wall saw with a cutting depth of up to 315mm and ideal for most cutting tasks.

What makes the WSE811*** stand out from the competition is the balance between the weight and performance. With the saw head, control unit, and drive all being combined into a single package, this lightweight has a maximum power output of 9kW at 16A at just 25.4 kg.

Due to the integrated design the wall saw operates with only one power supply and a single water connection. Perfectly coordinated, weight-optimised system components, such as the track and blade guard allow for easy setup and takedown, ensuring simple operation and maximum mobility when cutting windows and doors.

The WSE811*** is driven by a P2 drive. With this high-frequency technology, integrated permanent magnets reduce heat as well as motor speed, take the strain off machine components and cut maintenance requirements.

Combining Tyrolit wall saw blades with TGD technology ensures the best possible results and a high level of reliability.

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