Diamonds in the rough: That’s how concrete cutters like them

Published 27/12, 2019 at 17:49

Using diamond consumables is bread and butter for concrete cutters, with a well performing diamond blade or a core bit being integral to the timely completion of a sawing or drilling project. PDi’s Andrei Bushmarin reports the latest news from the diamond tooling industry.

Leili Tools applies array diamond technology to diamond wires 

The patterned or array diamond technology was first implemented in wall saw blades and core bits about 10 years ago. Diamond wires, however, proved much trickier for this method to be applied, mainly due to their complex shape. It rendered the manufacturing process economically unfeasible. Following many years of study and experimentation, China based Leili Tools has developed a vacuum brazing process that allows the commercial production of diamond wires with pre-set diamond particles.  What’s more, the Leili solution permits reducing the bead size from the conventional 10mm down to smaller diameters. At present, the Chinese manufacturer is capable of producing array type diamond wires of Ø 5.0, Ø 3.5 and Ø 3.0 specifications. Due to the smaller beads, these wires can be used on non-ferrous metals such as copper, lead and zinc as well as precious stones such as jade. Thanks to the high initial exposure of diamond particles, the wires ensure fast cutting right from the start. 


A handful of new segments from Kern-Deudiam 

Based out of Hövelhof, Germany, Kern-Deudiam has been manufacturing diamond consumables for over 40 years. In 2019, the company updated its diamond segment portfolio with a bevy of new products. First was the single segment type KBU-B for core drilling applications. Thanks to its special bridge geometry, this segment can be used on almost any kind of concrete. According to the manufacturer, this all-rounder shows unrivalled service time, particularly on heavily reinforced concretes, and smoothes the drilling process by minimising the wobbling of the core bit. For the new Express2 line of diamond blades, the German company developed a segment that allows swift sawing of a wide range of hard materials, including reinforced concrete. This laser welded segment performs equally well on both wall saw and ring saw blades. Also new are the X2 diamond segments and the Unix2 socket core bit for dry drilling jobs, premiered at bauma earlier this year. The laser welded X2 segments are available on both socket core bits and regular drills. With dry drilling gradually becoming the technique of choice thanks to its efficacy and eco friendliness, the Unix2 has been specifically designed to satisfy contractors’ hunger for this type of equipment. There are said to be even more innovations in the pipeline, which the German manufacturer is planning to showcase at the International Hardware Fair in Cologne and BeBoSa in Willingen in early spring next year. 


Dymatec enjoys continued success in the US 

Based in Clearwater, Florida, Dymatec USA continues to impress customers with its SDF diesel slab saw blades. Manufactured at the Dymatec UK headquarters in Luton and distributed via Dymatec USA, the SDF blades keep winning the hearts of professional contractors across the States thanks to the combination of high cutting speed and long life. Another factor in Dymatec’s continued success in the US is the excellent after sales service and technical assistance, offering fast delivery times and on site support. Dymatec continues to invest heavily in R&D, aiming to provide the same consistent quality time and time again. As Dymatec’s blade production manager Dan Edmondson puts it, “You can’t rush perfection – everyone is a masterpiece!”


Kaskod enters distribution agreement with Levanto 

Kaskod-Mtronix, the Estonia based manufacturer of concrete sawing and drilling machinery under the brand name ‘Cuttronix’, has partnered up with Finnish diamond tool specialist Levanto Oy for the distribution of Cuttronix equipment in Scandinavia and Russia. The Estonian company, which became a major sensation at bauma earlier this year, is now busy building a worldwide dealer network. Levanto has a strong presence in both Scandinavia and Russia and has agreed to distribute Cuttronix machines in the said regions. While the parties are hammering out the details of the dealership agreement, Cuttronix uses Levanto’s testing facilities to try out its machines. In early November, it trialled there its latest drill motor CM-10. Based on ‘ISRCdrive’ integrated switched reluctance technology, the CM-10 has a rated output power of 10kW (peaking at 15kW) and can operate in both single phase and three phase modes. Complete with durable, changeable spindle gearboxes, the motor is suitable for drilling jobs in masonry and all types of reinforced concrete with core diameters ranging from 20mm to 1,000mm. The drill shows a particularly impressive performance when paired with Levanto’s newest drill segment ‘Cyclone’. 20% faster than Levanto’s previous flagship model ‘Trombi’, the ‘Cyclone’ reflects the Finnish manufacturer’s green values by being a 100 % cobalt free product. 


Dico prioritises ‘Zenesis Edition R-Plus’ tools 

Belgium based Dico Diamond Company, a Zenesis supplier for over 10 years, features Edition R-Plus technology in manufacturing patterned diamond segments. R-Plus is the next evolution of the proven Edition R technology. Zenesis Edition R-Plus patterned segments reduce costs  for end users by ensuring fast cutting speed and delivering extended lifetime. Dico Diamond Company offers the entire range of Edition R-Plus tools: floor saw blades (10-80HP), wall saw blades (10-25kW), blades for hand held machines and core bits. 


Young Sun Diatech: up and coming name in the diamond tooling game 

Based in South Korea, Young Sun Diatech is an up and coming player in the global market of diamond consumables, in particular, the diamond wire segment. The company was established in 1999 by Kim Young who has a 30 year track record in the business. Over the course of two decades, Young Sun Diatech has accumulated enough manufacturing expertise and a grand total of 20 patents to stage an international breakthrough. European customers were already exposed to Young Sun Diatech’s products at bauma this year and now the Korean manufacturer is looking to impress the North American audience at the World of Concrete show in February 2020. The diamond tools on display will include the silent rubber cup wheel for smooth and noiseless grinding, the ‘Bullseye’ grinding segment compatible with all existing types of floor grinders and a range of diamond wires which is Young Sun Diatech’s chief area of expertise. The ‘Mir’ wire, with bead diameter varying from 8mm to 11mm, is designed for the dry sawing of reinforced concrete; the ‘Volter’ wire is made for steel cutting applications while the ‘Spir’ model tackles soft and difficult to cut materials such as aluminium and copper. 


Solga responds to growing demand for microtrenching 

The growing demand for microtrenching services (laying of fiber optics cables) in Europe prompted Spain-based diamond tool specialist Solga Diamant to develop a diamond blade tailored to this application. According to the Spanish company, manufacturing of such a tool is a very technology-intensive process. The blade is expected to provide deep (up to 30cm) and clean cuts in various materials at a speed of over 1 linear meter per minute. The existing three-blade microtrenching systems are expensive and prone to overheating while monoblade machines are often not powerful enough to move a big-sized blade. The Solga blade, featuring patented 26mm wide multi-layer segments, combines the robustness of a monoblade system with the agility of a three-blade one. 

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