Diaquip new London depot

Published 28/6 at 12:31

After 20 years of leading in Diamond Tool and equipment supplies in the North, Diaquip announce the opening of their new London Depot.

This is a fully manned unit offering the full range of Diaquip products off the shelf but will also allow the company to offer manufacturing services on core drills from 10mm right up to 1200mmØ, as well as floor/wallsaw blades up to 2200mmØ. Diaquip will be ready to service and support their clients every need including all last-minute orders, including a service counter for all pick-up/drop off services.

At the London Depot Diaquip also hold stock of all Hycon products, as Diaquip are now the official national agent. 

Diaquip welcomes their clients to come and visit them and find out how much time they can save by seeing how accessible the Diaquip London Depot is. Furthermore clients can also have a look around inside the premises and see the wide range of stock and the facilities.

The London Depot is proving very popular, with Diaquip’s same day delivery system serving very happy customers. Diaquip have successfully turned around large re-tips on blades up to 2200mm and delivered same day back to customer ready for the job, along with very large diameter coredrills. With being only 20 miles from the centre of London, according to Diaquip, the company have by far the largest stocks of diamond consumables in the UK. 

Diaquip London is on the contractors doorstep and is there to provide the end-users with the service and products needed, anywhere at any time.

As well as the exciting launch of the new London Depot, Diaquip are the first and only company in the UK to have invested in a fully automated, 3 axis CNC controlled laser welding machine. After realising that their customers always require the highest quality product, at the fastest service, the laser weld machine does just that; by giving their valued customers RAWCORES; everything they need from a core drill and nothing they don’t.

Finally, after 20 years in the making, Diaquip launched the DQ segment. Due to being manufactured using Diaquip’s renowned FusionTech Technology, the DQ segment makes more holes, quicker, than any other segment, according to Diaquip. Further according to Diaquip, the DQ is abnormally yet undeniably fast, producing devastating production. This has been tried, tested, and now dominates in London flint. “Now we’re going to let the DQ do the talking”, says a Diaquip spokesman. 


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