Diesel free with RM 120X hybrid

Published 10/5, 2021 at 14:38

In September 2020, Taha Zahir from Kfar Quasem in Israel decided to expand its fleet with a second RM crusher, selecting a new RM 120X. The crusher unit processes C&D waste inside a closed hall with the aggregate produced used as road sub base. As processing takes place indoors, dust and noise emissions were key concerns for Taha Zahir.

In early 2018, Taha Zahir invested in his first ‘RM 120GO!’ being used to crush C&D waste to produce road sub base aggregate near Tel Aviv. Processing takes place inside an enclosed hall, making it essential that the exhaust, dust and noise emissions are as low as possible. As work increased, Taha Zahir became interested in a second low emission crusher, choosing a new RM 120X hybrid, which can be both diesel-electric and purely electrically powered. The feed material with an edge length of up to 800mm is now processed fully electrically to produce cuboid final aggregate (0mm-32mm). In order to keep  dust levels during the crushing process as low as possible, Taha Zahir also ordered a dust suppression system that minimises dust formation using water mist generated by a water pump and spray bar.

In addition to the option of entirely diesel free crushing, the new Rubble Master development also delivers impressive user friendliness, both during operation and during maintenance. The proven ‘RM GO!’ principle - which stands for intuitive machine operation and more accessible machine components - has been further developed for the new ‘Next’ machines. Through the use of innovative machine communication lights, the user can now easily see the current status of the system. If the machine displays the green light, then everything is working perfectly; if the yellow light is on, the operator knows that a service is needed, and the red light indicates a warning.

Taha Zahir's employees are also pleased about the new developments in terms of safety. As the first crusher in the Next series, the RM 120X keeps the operator well outside the danger zone during the crushing process. The radio remote control has a display, ‘RM GO! SMART’ (optional), and the machine communication lighting, considerably increases the safety of the machine operator. All information relating to the crushing process is displayed in the RM GO! SMART App on a mobile device, smartphone or tablet.

Every day, approximately 1,000t of C&D waste - mixed with plastic, wood and textiles - are delivered to Kfar Quasem. To ensure clean, high quality final aggregate, Taha Zahir decided to install a wind sifter on both RM impact crushers. The C&D waste is now easily freed of unwanted light materials to produce a high quality final aggregate.

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