Doosan to introduce ‘Develon’ brand at SaMoTer

Published 24/4 at 10:55

At SaMoTer 2023, Doosan Infracore will show its new Develon brand for the first time in Italy. Unveiled in January this year, the brand was officially launched in March at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2023, where the first Develon branded machines were shown.

Doosan is changing its name but not its identity. Rather, it aims to strengthen its positioning as a leading company in the development of cutting edge technological and construction site solutions that look and develop beyond what is currently available. These being the key concepts embodied in the name Develon itself, namely ‘Develop’ and ‘Onwards’.

In recent years, Doosan has developed construction site technology driven by an award winning R&D team, working under the motto ‘Powered by Innovation’. Many new technologies have been developed to expand the company’s ‘Smart Solutions’ portfolio for construction equipment. Flagship innovations include ‘Concept-X’, a winner at the 2020 SaMoTer Innovation Awards, the world's first integrated control solution for the entire construction process.


Innovative solutions at SaMoTer 2023

As in 2020, Doosan has again been recognised as a pioneer in innovation, by winning another important award at the 2023 SaMoTer Innovation Awards. The latest award has been won for Doosan’s new electric 14W EREV wheeled excavator, said by Doosan to be the most advanced vehicle of its kind.

Designed with a regenerative transmission system (‘eDrive’), an advanced swing system (‘eSwing’) and ‘eWorking’ systems, it aims to provide maximised efficiency with zero emissions.

Built with an aerodynamic design, the 14W EREV maximises peripheral vision even at long distances for optimal safety and protection. By offering 360o coverage of the driver's field of vision, the operator can easily detect obstacles from any angle and in any urban environment. With its centre of gravity located in the undercarriage, the vehicle has been designed to provide excellent stability, both while working and driving. In addition to providing stability and power, the 14W EREV is also said to offer high levels of build quality that provides peace of mind when undertaking any project.


New DX20ZE electric mini excavator

SaMoTer provides the opportunity to showcase the new Doosan DX20ZE 2t electric mini excavator for the first time in Italy. This machine combines its safe, quiet and zero emission design with the successful characteristics and high performance of the equivalent diesel mini excavator for working in confined spaces. With a width of just 950mm, the new DX20ZE can pass through narrow passages and entrances/exits, making it ideal for working in confined space indoor applications such as demolition and basement construction. In addition to indoor projects, the vehicle is ideal for operating in urban centres, in low noise areas and for night work.

The DX20ZE is driven by an in house developed 20kWh lithium ion battery pack, with all of the electrical system and components on the machine optimised for work in harsh environments. A quick charger system restores 80% of the battery power after only one hour of charging, whilst the on board charger restores the maximum charge after six hours of charging.


Revolutionary transparent bucket

Among other new products from Doosan that are designed to offer added value to customers through innovation, the ‘Transparent Bucket’ system is said to be among the best known and has achieved success and attention at every show where it has been presented. Doosan states that this is the world's first safety system (patented) that allows the wheel loader operator to view the blind spots in front of the bucket thanks to front top and bottom mounted cameras that record and combine the images in real time on the monitor in the cab, using a curved projection method. The system, besides ensuring greater safety for the operator and other workers on site, is said to improve operational efficiency as it offers a forward perspective view during loading/unloading operations or during the transport of materials such as aggregates, sand and earth. Doosan/Develon is working on developing the system even further with new artificial intelligence algorithms for people and object recognition.


DL420CVT-7 wheel loader

At the 2023 edition of SaMoTer, Doosan will be showing the DL420CVT-7 wheel loader, a wheel loader with hybrid transmission, i.e. hydrostatic and mechanical at the same time. It has a continuously variable transmission (‘CVT’) which manages to deliver continuous power to the wheels independently from the engine in a variable manner. It has been designed to switch easily from hydrostatic transmission to mechanical transmission as speeds increase and according to the traction needs, without ever impacting the engine, which will be able to work at a lower and more constant number of revolutions.

Thanks to this technology, the DL420CVT-7 is said to provide torque to the wheels that is always available even at low revs, with maximum acceleration (no rev reduction impacts on productivity) and allows faster ‘V’ cycles with what is said to be a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 22%. The advantage derived is not only a lower environmental impact, but also lower noise and reduced consumption along with greater productivity and is said  to also provide greater comfort for the operator.


Representing new compact loaders

Another prominent product will be the new DL85-7 wheel loader representing the recently launched range of five models (DL60-7, DL65-7, DL80-7, DL85-7 and DL80TL-7). These compact machines have been designed to set a new industry standard in their class for productivity, flexibility, comfort, safety and reliability. They come complete with a comprehensive package of modern technologies, including a powerful Stage V engine, hydrostatic all-wheel drive transmission, 100% differential lock on both axles, and powerful and versatile hydraulic systems.

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