Doppstadt aims to make landfilling a thing of the past

Published 28/6, 2019 at 12:40

The demand for raw material is increasing, but resources are finite.

One solution to this conflict lies in sustainable processing and recycling, which has seen Doppstadt extending its product range.

In the seventies, waste disposal and management required new solutions with many societies turning away from a ‘throwaway’ culture. At that time, Doppstadt started developing machinery solutions for the shredding, screening and washing of various materials such garbage, industrial waste, bio-waste, waste wood and excavated earth. Now societies face a new challenge with the worldwide demand for raw materials increasing, but resources being finite. Doppstadt believes this conflict can be reconciled by the development of sustainable processing and recycling technologies.

For Doppstadt, this has led to the launch of new machinery and technologies for the processing and excavation of mineral mine waste, as these materials require shredding, separating and washing. These developments are combined with Doppstadt developed processes and expertise for the separation of construction materials, and in the economic efficiency of screening in stone quarries. 

Methods to separate material mixtures that could not previously be sorted into reusable fractions are of great importance in order to reduce or avoid landfilling, with more than 50% of all German waste coming from demolition and removal. Even in natural stone quarries, solutions can help to extend the lifetime of the quarries as the ‘waste’ material fraction can be utilised much more efficiently. Doppstadt aims to develop further solutions to problems that cannot be solved so far. Its core competencies, such as the reduction of MSW landfills provide technology and expertise to tackle these problems, with its avowed aim being to make landfilling a thing of the past.

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