Dr. Fritsch sets the standard in the diamond tool industry

Published 25/3, 2019 at 14:02

The production of high quality machines, a fully automated robot and a hazard free metal powder will be shown at bauma 2019 (hall A1, booth 538) by Dr. Fritsch, with the new products setting high standards in terms of cost and process optimisation.

Dr. Fritsch is a leader in the diamond tool industry, and the only company which offers the combination of state of the art diamond tool equipment and expertise in material production. As a pioneering pacemaker, the family owned company offers customers a comprehensive range of products and services that are innovative, powerful and tailor made. “We have made it our continuous objective to help our customers with our product range and service, to operate economically and to gain important competitive advantages in their markets. I would like to thank all our employees for their commitment and their work which allows us to present ourselves at the bauma 2019 as a pioneering pacemaker,” says Ute Wilkinson, president of Dr. Fritsch.


Demonstration of precision 

At bauma Dr. Fritsch will focus on the ‘Volumetric Cold Press’ KPV 300, which produces four segments with set diamonds per minute. One segment consists of several granulate and diamond layers. "The KPV 300 has a pressing force of 400kN and is designed for a die of Ø 120mm. This enables the user to either press a higher green density or a large number of segments simultaneously,” explains Uwe Funk, head of development at Dr. Fritsch. Short changeover times, maximum flexibility and a user friendly touch screen are major advantages of the KPV 300 in addition to the high productivity.  


DiaSet V3: reduction of tool wear and easy tool changeover

The high productivity and precision in the production of segments with set diamonds on the KPV300 is based on the diamond setting unit DiaSet V3. “Our patented blow off system ensures a precise diamond positioning in each segment and reduces tool wear,” explains Uwe Funk. However, the performance of the DiaSet V3 has many more advantages. It can set up to 1,000 diamonds per layer and in combination with the KPV 300 press up to 27 layers, alternating powder and diamonds. Due to the movable DiaSet module, a more direct access to the machine is ensured, allowing an easy and fast tool changeover. 


Stacking system SGS-200: efficiency and precision in the production process

The advantages and efficiency of automation are to be demonstrated by Dr. Fritsch’s “Segment Graphite Stacking System’ SGS 200. “The demonstration machine stacks green compacts and graphite punches fully automatically. Another contribution to efficiency and precision in the production process," emphasises Funk.


Sustainable metal powder production: ‘Viridis’ – hazard free and environmentally friendly 

For most companies today it is an important to minimise any risk arising from their products and production. However, most of the materials used in the segment production can be said to be harmful. “Sustainability has therefore been an important factor in our development work for many years. Finally we have succeeded in developing a powder bond which poses no danger to human health and the environment and at the same time meets our requirements for processing parameters,” explains Elke Ade, head of the Metal Powder Business Unit.  

With the ‘Viridis’ powder range, Dr. Fritsch presents at bauma for the first time powders which truly fulfil the above requirements. “Numerous customer tests have already proven its suitability in special fields of application, such as concrete drilling and wall sawing. A sawing test with Viridis-100 in hard granite has shown a slightly longer life time than pure cobalt segments as well as a better free cutting performance,” says Elke Ade. “We are continuing on the sustainability path and are already developing new products. Some customers are currently testing Viridis-200, which is our second product in this range.”

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