Dry techniques are coming to the fore in core drilling

Published 6/3 at 11:02

In a world increasingly concerned with environmental issues, businesses are constantly striving for greener and more ecofriendly solutions. The concrete sawing and drilling industry is no exception. In recent years, dry coring and sawing methods have become a focal point for most manufacturers. PDi’s Andrei Bushmarin reviews the latest innovations in core drilling.

Kern-Deudiam prioritises dry techniques

Dry drilling in reinforced concrete is becoming increasingly popular with specialist contractors. Responding to the trend, Germany based manufacturer Kern-Deudiam has developed two types of drill bits for dry coring. Its ‘Beto’ is designed for simple day to day tasks whereas the type ‘Unix²’ is intended for professional users. The latter even allows drilling of steel bars of up to 30mm in diameter. In dry drilling applications, the airflow is extremely important so the German manufacturer created the ‘aiRing’ (available for all diameters up to 100mm), which is placed over the drill bit so even if the core breaks, there will still be sufficient space for airflow. One hazardous element used in diamond tools since the beginning of the industry is cobalt. Kern-Deudiam has invested a lot of effort in developing alternative products without the use of cobalt. The result is the new product family called ‘Dtox’. Unveiled at the bauma last year, this cobalt free portfolio consists of wall saw blades and floor saw blades such as the SWF131 or SWF141, single segments and core bits. The latest products added to the Dtox range are the core bits DB121 with a wave shaped segment (for easy drilling start) and iconic arrow showing the drilling direction. The DB121 has already demonstrated high drilling speed and long service life on many construction sites. Also new from Kern-Deudiam is a line of cobalt free rings for 12.7mm small diameter core bits.



Husqvarna extends electric range

Sweden based bellwether Husqvarna has expanded its ‘i-Series’ battery powered range of core drilling systems with the addition of the DM 540i model. The new machine is designed for handheld drilling of 15mm to 75mm diameters and up to 100mm on a drill stand. The specially developed thin walled drill bits ensure better utilisation of the machine's battery power and are available for 25mm to 100mm drilling to a maximum depth of 350mm. Håkan Pinzani, global product manager, Core Drilling, provides some detail on where the drill’s physical characteristics are at their most useful: “The new DM 540i can be used both outdoors or indoors for wet and dry drilling. Its ergonomic design, low weight and well balanced body deliver easier, more comfortable operation, making it an ideal choice for drilling in confined spaces and tight corners. With fewer parts to service, operating costs and downtime are both reduced.” The DM 540i is part of Husqvarna’s i-Series battery eco system, which means its battery can be used on various Husqvarna products. Furthermore, without the need for power from the grid, productivity is enhanced. Håkan Pinzani concludes: “Ergonomics, user friendliness and a versatile battery system are only some of the characteristics that set DM 540i apart from other machines. Built in connectivity means that location, runtime and service intervals can be easily monitored and wireless updates received.”



Eibenstock to launch a host of innovations at BeBoSa

Germany based manufacturer Eibenstock is planning to use the BeBoSa trade show in Willingen this March to present its latest innovations. In the dry coring segment, the ESD 250 drilling motor will be unveiled along with the hand guided ESD 162 drill. Both machines feature the company’s ‘Impact Hybrid Technology’ - a newly developed, extremely robust soft impact transmission. The technology allows efficient dry drilling of up to 162mm and 250mm diameters in reinforced concrete. Another product to be showcased at BeBoSa is the PLE 450 AS - a new drilling unit with a powerful, water cooled three phase motor. Thanks to a powerful 5.2kW motor and three speed oil bath gearbox, the machine can easily drill holes up to 452mm in diameter. The accompanying drill stand features an integrated fine feed for improved feed control and fatigue free drilling. Last but not least is the new lightweight yet powerful hand saw ETR 400.2 P for wet cutting to a depth of up to 152mm.


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