Dynaset offers solutions for spreading disinfectant fluids

Published 21/4 at 13:21

Dirtier surfaces are often a danger to health and well-being due to bacteria.

High pressure washing often provides a solution to this problem but even though high pressured water has deep cleaning attributes, there are often washing tasks that require a tougher solution. Dynaset HPW pumps can be used for spreading the most common disinfectant fluids which means that they can be spread rapidly and efficiently to such areas as staircases. The Dynaset KPL High Pressure Street Washing Unit can also protect the operator. For example, a compact loader equipped with a KPL unit enables the driver to stay in the cabin while disinfection takes place. In addition to this, large areas can be treated faster and more efficiently than by hand. On top of that, the consumption of the disinfectant fluid is easily adjustable with a mixture ratio, providing more accuracy resulting in disinfection tasks being done with a washing pistol and hose reel, which are included in the unit. The washing pistol can be equipped with a jet nozzle, which allows the fluid to travel up to 20m, enabling the washing of railings and benches for example.

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