Easy handling and compact design crucial for new crusher in China

Published 30/12, 2020 at 10:05

Since the summer, a Rockster R1100DS impact crusher has been used as a contract crusher by Kebao Construction Machinery Leasing in Chongqing, China. The company, from Wanzhou, has been active in construction machinery rental for 10 years and has grown steadily, growing to understand the requirements of its customers, now offering a wide range of construction machinery including a jaw crusher and a scalping screen.

For Kebao CEO, Ran Maohe, its newly acquired crusher had to be easy to transport, reliable and ready to use quickly. “Thanks to the compactness of our new R1100DS impact crusher we are able to transport the machine, including the screening system, over our winding mountain roads using an ordinary flatbed truck. The crusher set up time is extremely short due to the saved settings. Our machine operators are also able to operate the crusher very quickly thanks to the intuitive and simple handling. We only rent our machinery with our own trained staff, which of course benefits the efficiency and longevity of our machines.”


Hydrostatic drive 

The fact that the hydrostatically driven crusher is extremely easy to handle was another important point for Ran Maohe when choosing the Rockster. “My operators are familiar with this kind of drive system from our excavators and wheel loaders; they are very familiar with hydraulic systems. I particularly like the crusher overload protection.” Furthermore, the pressure of the hydrostat adapts to the power requirement of the crusher. This means that there are no blockages due to a lack of drive force and the crushing performance is consistently high, enabling the new crusher to prove itself even on hard granite, dealing with 40,000t of such material per month. “At the moment we are mainly crushing very hard granite, basalt and also sandstone. The materials come from the surrounding quarries and are processed to -32mm and further screened down to -5mm, 5mm-10mm and 10mm-32mm. We obtain three perfectly defined product sizes with excellent quality. Our customers are extremely satisfied,” said Maohe.


Expansion of application areas 

The new Rockster crusher has not only been used for processing natural stone, but also for recycling demolition debris. “In recent years, China has generated more than 1.5Bt of construction and demolition waste annually, with a recycling rate still below 5%. By recycling with a crusher like our R1100DS, most of this construction debris could be reused, the positive effect on the environment and economy would be enormous,” says Ran Maohe. He also emphasised his plans to additionally specialise in the production of waterproof substructure materials. “Relevant departments of the Chinese government have passed laws that require construction waste to be properly processed so that it can then be used as recycled building materials, mainly for substructure projects. This is our great opportunity to contribute to our land as owners of such an efficient, productive and cost effective crushing plant.” 

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