EC200E vs EC220E: Which excavator is right for me?

Published 24/2, 2020 at 12:11

Volvo Construction Equipment now offers two crawler excavator models in the 20t-25t class, namely the EC200E and the EC220E.

Making the right choice between them will ensure minimum total cost of ownership and maximum profitability. “Anyone in the market for a 20t-25t crawler excavator should think carefully about how the machine will actually be used and discuss this with their local dealer,” advises Jörg Breuer, product manager for crawler excavators at Volvo CE. “In some cases, the EC220E may be over specified for the task in hand, in which case a customer would be paying for more than they actually need. It all depends on the specific tasks and number of operating hours the machine has to complete on the jobsite.  It’s all about matching the specifications of the machine perfectly to the demands of the application,” Breuer explained.

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