Ecomondo/Key Energy: the green technologies Expo

Published 15/9, 2017 at 12:45

Ecomondo/Key Energy, to be held at the Rimini Expo Centre on 7 to 10 November 2017 and organised the Italian Exhibition Group, is the first European exhibition on circular economy with more than 1,200 companies exhibiting their products and processes and 105,000 delegates from more than 40 countries.

It will enable players to take part in the challenges and opportunities of the new era for sustainable global development, with a format that brings together the sectors of circular economy from material and energy recovery to waste management and exploitation. 

This edition will present different highlights. These will include an analysis of the growth and opportunities of the bio-based industry market, taking biomethane as a point of transition between renewable and traditional energy, and a focus on the systems and solutions for preventing hydrogeological risk and major climate-related risks, flooding and coastal erosion. 

Special focus will be on equipment and technologies for the selection and recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap and its preparation for sale, the treatment of special and hazardous waste, the recovery and treatment of WEEE. Space will be dedicated to the major technological innovations, latest patents and new products of solid and liquid waste collection and removal vehicles and vehicles for road and industrial cleaning and maintenance.

There will be a comprehensive range of technological solutions for the management and exploitation of waste flows. These will focus on the use of resources and secondary raw materials, innovative systems for recycling and exploiting all types of waste, advanced separated waste collection systems, wood, plastics and liquid waste. 

Italy is among the leading countries in Europe in the green and circular economy, in particular in energy efficiency, waste recycling and resource productivity. For this reason, Ecomondo/Key Energy will be a reference where all the leading companies of the sector can meet and discover the trends, innovations and new technologies and exchange views with professionals.

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