EDA and EDI welcome IETS as a new member

Published 24/2, 2020 at 10:38

The European Demolition Association and European Decontamination Institute has announced a new member: IETS Innovative & Ergonomic Tools

IETS Innovative & Ergonomic Tools is a French manufacturer of construction and civil works machinery based near Lyon, with company activities being divided into three main parts.  Firstly, brushless power tools to grind, drill, groove, cut and other activities. Secondly, ‘strainless’ solutions (panel lifters, trolleys to grind/drill ceilings and wall gantries and other work). Thirdly, bespoke customer solutions. IETS uses unique technology that allows the company to make power tools highly durable and waterproof, which is particularly appreciated in the demolition, decontamination, remediation and nuclear decommissioning fields.

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