EDA welcomes BRV as a new member

Published 10/5, 2021 at 11:12

The EDA newest member is the Austrian Construction Materials Recycling Association (Österreichischer Baustoff-Recycling Verband, BRV) which was established in 1990 by 14 enterprises.

It is a voluntary association of recycling companies and represents the interests of the construction material recycling industry. It now has 60 members, acts nationwide and across industrial sectors. It envisions itself as a contact for private and public customers/federal authorities, provinces, municipalities, special associations and Life Ministry in the matter of construction material recycling. Its membership is open to enterprises producing recycled construction material or acting in the area of separation, sorting and reuse of recycled construction materials. Legal representatives of the construction industry; and other legal and natural persona willing to encourage the objectives and purposes of the association through associate membership, are also welcome as members.

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