Efficient floor renovation

Published 19/4, 2016 at 14:56

In the Uhland-Halle in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany the 1000m2 sports flooring needed replacing. The floor was made up of several layers with a combined total thickness of 18mm. A 14mm thick layer of sound insulation rubber bonded granulated cork had been glued directly to the screed followed by strengthening webbing fixed with neoprene contact glue and a final 3.2mm thick glued linoleum overlay.

To remove the floor covering the contractor opted for an ADB ride-on stripper from Germany-based Janser, weighing 1050kg and capacity up to 37m/min. The battery powered machine guaranteed continuous working for up to 12h.

The floor covering was cut into a suitable pattern with a self-scoring blade of 155 mm. This allowed the machine to follow on with a standard 685mm wide blade to completely remove the covering at an average stripping rate of 4m2/min and without leaving any residue.

With an average performance of 240m2/h the sports hall’s old floor covering was removed in about 5h and the second half of the day used for sanding and vacuuming in preparation for the new floor covering.

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