Efficient tools for a full range of construction applications from Agp

Published 24/4 at 12:12

AGP has developed a full product line of machines for many possible applications in the construction industry. According to AGP their machines are effective, reliable, and a joy to use, making many challenging tasks both faster and easier.

Drill motors

AGP’s range of diamond coring motors is designed to be effective for quickly creating precise openings in reinforced concrete and brick. The motors are also used for plumbing tasks such as for installing water supply and sanitary system pipes. For electricians, they are used installing sockets, lighting, and conduit runs. AGP produces both wet and dry systems ranging from traditional wet motors to standard dry motors, and even special motors for dry drilling of reinforced concrete. The TC402 tile core drill is designed for coring small diameter holes in tiles without cracking them, creating a clean hole.


Diamond hand saws

Diamond hand saws, such as the C14 and C16, being electric, are designed for indoor cutting tasks, for example in basements, as they don’t produce fumes. They are also useful for hardscaping tasks, cutting garden tiles, clinkers and similar materials. Another advantage they possess over fuel powered equipment is that when doing tasks that involve a lot of starting and stopping, there is no need to pull the engine.


Stone saws and wall chasers

The SCS7 stone saw is designed for stone installers, hard landscapers and tile contractors, being developed to deal with a range of natural and synthetic stone materials, cutting slabs to size, fitting facing stones etc. The CG150 wall chaser has been designed with electricians, plumbers and other construction professionals in mind, who need to chase in reinforced concrete at a maximum of 50mm depth of cut. The motor and dust free cutting operation also makes the CG150 a solution for cutting residential and commercial building materials, such as reinforced concrete and brick.


Dry wall sanders

The SB9 dry wall sander with rotary sanding action and high frequency brushless motor has been developed for painters, drywall installers, taping specialists, and renovation contractors. Weighing just 2.8kg, AGP states that it is the lightest tool of its kind on the market, being designed to minimise fatigue and thereby increase productivity. The G5 is purpose built and designed for concrete grinding performance while maintaining strict dust control. The variable constant speed function gives the tool excellent versatility, whilst the vertical design works especially well when grinding floors. By using different types of diamond cup wheels, a vast array of different tasks can be done, ranging from rough grinding and levelling, to stripping coatings and surface preparation for applying coatings, making it ideal for floor preparation and pool renovation.


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