Epiroc hexagon picks for drum cutters

Published 24/4 at 10:44

As an encore to the introduction of its ‘V Cutter’ (patent pending), Epiroc now presents ‘HexPicks’, a new range of picks with hexagonal bodies for all types of drum cutting equipment.

The secret for easier maintenance is that unsticking or replacing HexPicks can be done quickly and easily with a hexagon wrench. Epiroc reports that HexPicks are also more durable and will last up to 20% longer than all competing products. They have been developed as traditional picks stick and stop rotating and it’s often necessary to spend time with a hammer making sure they are all rotating freely. Also, working in rock or concrete, it’s unavoidable that picks wear out, and replacing them onsite is hard and time consuming work.


More uptime, lower operating costs

According to Epiroc, the unique design of HexPicks (patent pending) is specifically intended to contribute to faster and easier pick maintenance and replacement. Instead of using a hammer and a degree of force, HexPicks can be unstuck or replaced on the jobsite with very little effort using a standard hexagon wrench. In addition, HexPicks come with the Epiroc’s ‘QuickSnap’ retaining system which has been designed to provide savings in time of more than 50% when compared with normal circlips or knock on retainers. The smart retaining clips enable the picks to be changed in a matter of seconds. This all adds up to more uptime and lower operating costs, with other benefits being that the HexPicks’ design also protects the drum’s pick box and allows better rotation, which optimises the pick re-sharpening process.


High performance materials make picks extra durable

HexPicks are said by Epiroc to last 20% longer than competing products thanks to the materials used in their manufacture. The heart of the cutting operation is a stress resistant tungsten carbide insert brazed into the body of the pick. Manufactured in a sintered material made up of tungsten carbide with a cobalt binder, the insert is designed to withstand the extreme stresses caused by continuously impacting the rock. The head and shaft of the pick body are made from optimised heat treated steel and serve as the support for the tungsten carbide insert as well as providing protection for the pick box.


Ideal for all drum cutting equipment

Only available from Epiroc, HexPicks are suitable for use with transverse drum cutters, V Cutters and longitudinal cutters. From 2023, HexPicks are standard for all deliveries from the Epiroc factory.

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