Erkat a byword for quality and forward thinking in 2019

Published 7/3, 2019 at 17:04

Erkat has for the past 20 years developed a range of robust, high quality special cutter attachments. Now integrated into Epiroc, the company is looking to develop new areas of application and flexible usability for its broad range of products, as well as seeking to develop a sustainable solution to the problem of fine dust pollution on construction sites.

Flexible transverse drum cutters 

Developed for excavators ranging from 3t-70t, Erkat supplies a wide range of different drum cutter sizes (ER50-ER3000), plus a wide array of different cutting heads depending on the application (rock cutting head, profiling head, cutting wheel, mixing head, wood cutting head, brush drum cutter). All possess a robust design, high load bearing capacity, low maintenance requirements, easy handling and, most importantly, deliver high levels of cost effectiveness. The company’s transverse drum cutters can also be retrofitted directly on site through the straightforward and rapid replacement of the cutting head. The ER series is suitable for work in duct and tunnel construction, special civil engineering, demolition, trenching and mixing soil formations alike. It is no problem to use in particularly sensitive areas, as despite its robust design, it delivers low vibrations, thus making it possible to work quietly. 

One striking feature of the ER series is the one sided mounting of the cutting wheel on the opposite side to the motor (the motor side has a protective covering over the output shaft), allowing cutting with a very small side clearance directly against walls or side obstacles. This is ensured by a standard intermediate bracket that allows the cutter to be turned manually in 22.5° increments. As such, making targeted slits in rock, concrete or asphalt no longer presents any challenge. If so wished, it is possible to even execute a continuous 360° turn via an additional hydraulically operated rotation module (ERU). 


Future oriented dust extraction systems

Dust diseases (pneumoconioses) are amongst the most common officially recognised occupational diseases, with dust particles at the workplace being considered to be hazardous substances. Erkat, has thus made what is said to be a significant contribution towards occupational health and safety on construction sites with the developments of its modern dust extraction systems. Instead of focusing on a dust extraction systems using a water spray, Erkat, has developed a solution based on spraying water onto the drum cutter - which can also be retrofitted – with the water spray being applied directly to the cutting head or milling area, with the water supplied via an Erkat pump system. This system is already being used successfully on the transverse cutting heads of its ER100-3000 models, with further development being planned. 

For indoor use where water spraying is not possible, Erkat also provides small drum cutter models with a dust exhaust hood for dry dust collection. This dust extraction system ensures maximum dust extraction precisely where the dust is produced for optimal dust suction (uses include transverse drum cutters). If required, it can also be mounted to conventional extraction systems. The company is also said to be working on other systems with differing numbers of water nozzles, producing special modules for specific working conditions, all with the future in mind. In the cutting head flushing system, for example, the water nozzles are integrated into the rotating cutting head and the water supply is fed via the gear box. Water spraying takes place within the very area in which the bit will be applied.

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