Erkat transverse drum cutter impresses with its multi-functionality

Published 5/10, 2020 at 11:48

Erkat drum cutting equipment is constantly expanded, with innovations reflecting unusual customer wishes and usage requirements.

The recent development of the innovative wood cutting head has already been customer tested, with the ER 250 proving to be an effective multi-functional tool.  


Wood cutting head fulfils special requirements

During sewer digging work close to Hamburg, tree stumps also had to be removed when clearing an embankment. Epiroc´s German product manager Ralf Schumann recognised the problem and saw this as the perfect opportunity to present a new development from Erkat. “We have developed a new cutting head for our drum cutters, which is specifically designed for chopping up wood. There has been no development like it to date. It was a real gap in the market.”  In this specific application, the embankment also acts as a dam and the roots of the cut down trees are spread far and wide. Simply tearing out the roots could damage the dam significantly which would result in erosion. 

In cooperation with Liebherr Mietpartner, Epiroc provided a ER 250 Erkat drum cutter. The attachment was tested extensively, with the new wood cutting head proving to be a great success. Ralf commented; “The tree stumps in the embankment could be milled out easily and without risk. That’s exactly what the customer wanted.” The transverse drum cutters from the ER series are offered for excavator classes from 1t to 125t and are ideally suited for trenching, tunnelling, special foundation work, demolition and for mixing different materials in the ground. The low vibration and quiet operation of the Erkat special milling machines also enables it to be used in sensitive areas.

Erkat special drum cutters with cutting head for milling tree stumps are offered in the excavator classes from 8t to 28t; for example, ER 250 W for 8t to 15t, ER 600 W in the 10t to 18t range and the ER 650 W from 15t to 28t. The transverse drum cutters can be converted for different applications by easily switching the cutting head, such as when profiling cutting heads for profiling and cleaning surfaces; tunnel cuttings heads for reworking tunnel profiles; cutting heads for milling tree stumps;  mixing cutting heads for mixing materials for soil treatment and extraction cutting heads for increased performance in soft stone.


Precision work 

In another project, a ER 250 milling machine was used by Eurostone GmbH in the Werra-Meissner district in Hessen, close to the city of Sontra, where the A44 motorway between Kassel and Herleshausen is currently being expanded. The building of a tunnel under the Boyneburg is a sub project and in order to protect the opening to the tunnel portals from landslides, the embankment was stabilised and will now be lined with large blocks made from natural stone. Initially the sandstone blocks – 8,000 in total - were delivered to the construction site as untreated raw material from the nearby quarry. The surface of the blocks was processed by hand onsite as the first step. Only when an even rectangular shape has been achieved can they be used as building material for securing the embankment. 

Ralf Schumann saw what needed to be done: “This is extremely hard work for the workers. It's real manual labour. By hand, they can just about manage four to eight stone blocks per day. But this is child’s play with the drum cutter.”  A ER 250 milling machine was handed over to the construction company on a trial basis and success followed quickly. “The work was much faster with the machine. One stone block can now often be completed in 30min and is ready to use for the construction work.” The customer was pleased by the performance and decided to keep the ER 250. Using the machine not only saves time and money but also relieves the strain on personnel.

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