Eurodima combines innovative and reliable technology

Published 27/12, 2019 at 17:52

Eurodima from Wals near Salzburg in Austria has been a specialist in the development of equipment and tools for professional use in concrete drilling and sawing for more than two decades.

Through developments in technology and mechanical engineering expertise, the company is able to rapidly respond to individual requests from customers at short notice in order to deal with any requirements. This can be done world-wide due to Eurodima’s global distribution and direct sales network, which places a great emphasis on sustainability. 

The company has been involved in the manufacture of wire saw technology and equipment for around 15 years, with its offering proven to be durable and strong. Special features include a servo system that can be used for wire and the WM50/90 wall saw and a two speed gearbox allowing high torque even at a slow cutting speed. The system is very easy to dissemble with the pneumatic wire tensioning system protecting the diamond wire.

At bauma 2019 the company launched the new ‘Servo Power’ WS20E and WS20H wall saws, which both possess impressive performance with low weight and are also available on two rail systems: WS20E (Eurodima) and WS20H (Hilti). The WS20 has a 23kW servo engine, free saw blade excavation of Ø825mm, a long life service interval of 250h and is easy to service due to the use of norm bearings and sealing.

Johannes Radauer, head of sales and marketing says of Eurodima’s developments: “We are very satisfied with last year’s progression in selling our servo engine systems over the whole world and we are continuously extending our dealer network, but we always interested to get in contact with new passionate dealers!”

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