Everybody on the floor! The sawing team is working

Published 23/11, 2021 at 15:42

To a concrete cutter, a floor saw is the same as a ‘piece’ to an army officer. Just like a trained military man who can disassemble and reassemble his gun with his eyes shut, a professional concrete cutter knows by heart all the ins and outs of a floor sawing job. PDi’s Andrei Bushmarin presents the latest innovations in the floor cutting industry.

 ‘Compact and classy’ ‘Multicut’ 400 from Lissmac

Thanks to the ‘scissor principle’ of its frame, the Multicut 400 from Germany based manufacturer Lissmac, is a compact and easily manoeuvrable walk behind floor saw. Powered either by a 25HP Perkins Stage V diesel engine or a 35HP Kohler Stage V petrol engine, the Multicut 400 is built for the most demanding floor and pavement sawing tasks. For deep cutting applications, this model can be optionally fitted with a 1,000mm blade to reach a depth of up to 415mm. A high performance V belt ensures efficient and reliable power transmission. A robust finely dosed hydrostat takes care of the drive. The Multicut 400 is built on a torsionally rigid frame, which combines compact design with enhanced stability. The height adjustable handles contribute to the overall ergonomics, while a low centre of gravity and adjustable rear axle guarantee a precise straight cut. The Multicut 400 comes with a number of features that help streamline day to day operations. The saw blade is lowered and lifted by an electro-hydraulic system with cutting depth display. For overcuts, the blade guard can be folded up at the front. The changeover from left to right hand operation is rapid, and the central maintenance points are readily accessible. The position of the drive unit provides easy access to the battery, air, oil and fuel filters. A parking brake and a free wheel are provided as standard. Various blade guards from 500mm upwards, a 2,800/min rotational speed conversion set, a hazard warning lamp and a water pump set with water filter are optionally available for this model. 



 Niagara Machine features ‘DiamaPro’ floor saw and crack chaser 

The DiamaPro 10” walk behind joint cutter from the US based supplier of sawing and surface preparation solutions, Niagara Machine Inc., is a powerful and mobile unit designed for cutting new and cleaning out existing control joints. Thanks to its powerful electric power head and an integrated 50mm dust port, the floor saw generates zero emissions. When used together with DiamaPro ‘SVX’ dust extractors, the unit produces virtually no dust. The machine’s robust steel frame makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Other highlights include excellent dust control, ease of operation, durable powder coated finishes, quick depth adjustment and an integrated blade wrench holder. Also new from Niagara Machine Inc. is the DiamaPro ‘crack chaser’. The machine increases productivity by getting the operator off their hands and knees which boosts safety and alleviates fatigue. The swivelling rear casters permit the blade to follow the tightest cracks. A large 50mm dust port allows for dustless operation. A thick steel frame helps hold the tool to the ground keeping the blades secure.



 Kern-Deudiam: a family you’d be glad to meet 

With over 40 years of experience in machine and diamond tool manufacturing, Germany based Kern-Deudiam exports its cutting and drilling solutions to more than 30 countries on four continents. It goes without saying that floor saws are an integral part of Kern-Deudiam’s range. As a family owned company, the manufacturer prefers to think of its innovations as members of its extended family. And just like in every family, each member has its own individual features. The differences begin with the power rate - 7.5kW, 8.7kW, 11kW or 15kW - and continue with overall dimensions and maximum cutting depth and end with the type of engine used, whether petrol or electric. The decision regarding what kind of floor saw should be used in each individual case depends solely on the task at hand. If one has many miles on a highway to cut, it makes little sense to carry a cable around all the time. However, if one needs a robust and compact machine for indoor applications, the decision is often made in favour of an electric driven model.


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