EvoQuip launches revamped ‘Bison 120’

Published 10/5, 2021 at 15:26

The revamped Bison 120 jaw crusher now offers enhancements made with the aim of making it easy to operate, maintain and transport. These include a Deutz 2.2 L3 Stage V engine, larger crusher drive motor and adjustable belt tensioner.

The Bison 120 has been a core product in the EvoQuip portfolio since its inception in 2016. The revamped model now has the addition of a ‘Programmable Logic Controller’ with a push button control panel as standard, along with a remote control to enable the operator to adjust the jaw’s closed side setting and to start or stop from the cab. EvoQuip product manager Gaby Stewart said: “The Bison 120 has proved to be a very popular EvoQuip machine with customers throughout the world, due to ease of transport, simplicity of use, and being ideal for single operator use as well as providing the ability to quickly convert waste into profit.”

The revamped Bison 120 has undergone testing at various sites over the past six months, including at Watertop Farm in Ballycastle in Northern Ireland, UK, where the jaw crusher demolished an old farmyard barn originally built in the 1960s. The owner, Patsy McBride, decided to demolish the barn after discovering that he could recycle the material. According to EvoQuip, he was delighted to save costs from being able to process and utilise the demolished material, and to do his bit for the environment by reusing it rather than using virgin material. “Due to the Bison’s performance we have material we can use rather than waste, taking the useless material to fill in some holes in the road around the farm,” said McBride. “It has been an ideal fill material for sub base on our lanes, creating new tracks for sheep, maintaining ground around gates and for infilling around our new build. It is a great bit of kit; we could keep it busy all year.”  

The Bison 120 has been specifically designed for operators for whom versatility, manoeuvrability and transportability are of key importance. The Bison 120 is small enough to fit inside a container for transport, but strong enough to withstand tough applications. The Bison 120 features a 680mm x 400mm single toggle jaw crusher which is driven hydraulically, allowing the customer the ability to reverse the crusher to clear a blockage, as well as being able to run in reverse permanently for sticky applications such as asphalt.

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