Excavator mounted cutter makes pile cutting safe and efficient

Published 25/3 at 13:57

Construction contractor Niskasen Maansiirto Ltd. specialises in water supply, pile driving, sheet piling and excavation support projects. MotoCut’s automatic pile cutter has made its work more efficient while improving worksite safety, with the company now able make accurate estimates of cutting schedules and save their cutter operators’ arms and necks.

Construction Manager Raimo Isopahkala is responsible for the piling operations and equipment management at Niskasen Maansiirto Ltd. “We currently operate 10 excavators and two pile drivers. Our company has 25 employees,” Isopahkala says.  The company started using MotoCut’s automated pile cutter in 2015. The cutting machine is attached to an excavator and also takes its running power from it. When the automated cutter was first introduced it was taken into active duty right away at an ongoing worksite with approximately 9,000 piles. Before the machine, some 6,000 piles had already been cut manually. 

”We cut the remaining 3,000 piles with the automated cutter. The difference in daily work was huge. A big load was lifted from our people’s arms and necks,” Isopahkala recalls.  “Before MotoCut, we operated a hydraulic pile saw that had to be manually held throughout the cut. It was physically exhausting. So, keeping our people safe and in good working condition in the long run was a key reason for getting the MotoCut unit.”


High accuracy in estimating pile cutting schedules

One of MotoCut’s key benefits is the fact that it improves worksite safety. Isopahkala believes that the MotoCut unit also helps them win new projects. “We can now estimate pile cutting schedules with much higher accuracy than before. The cutting rate stays constant from day to day. In the long run, and in larger projects, there is a significant difference in performing the cutting work manually or with the automated cutter. If you want to cut piles accurately, safely and efficiently, I genuinely recommend MotoCut,” Isopahkala concludes.

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