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Published 6/3 at 13:15

Innovation is said by the company to be a trademark of Lissmac. With the series of floor grinding and floor milling machines presented for the first time at bauma 2022, the company is adding a new product field to its range.

“As a leading manufacturer of floor saws, stone saws, wall saws, wire saws and core drills, we know how to build machines that reliably deliver top performance under the toughest conditions. Our new grinding and milling machines cover exactly the needs of professionals in floor preparation,” says managing director Daniel Keller. Six grinding machines and three milling machines now make up Lissmac's powerful new product family, designed for a wide range of tillage tasks from quick fix repairs to demanding large scale operations. At the start of production, a comprehensive selection of tools is already available that are precisely matched to the machines and their intended use being developed to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. The all in one range is rounded off by the ‘Vacuum-Dry’ industrial hoovers in two performance levels. Equipped with Hepa filters + PTFE, they meet dust class H and achieve air flows of 340m³/h and 510m³/h respectively.


Smooth and non-slip the new ‘BSM’ floor grinding machines

With six models ranging from 2.2kW to 11kW of high torque electric power and with working widths of 270mm to 650mm, the floor grinding machines from Lissmac handle the majority of tasks that arise in professional floor preparation. The Lissmac diamond tools, which are carefully matched to the machines in different grit sizes and segment hardness’, are designed to produce first class surfaces on floors such as concrete, screed or terrazzo and have long service lives. The stick roller system creates a roughened surface similar to shot peening. High quality visible surfaces can be created or renovated in a short time with the diamond polishing pads. The Lissmac ‘PCD’ tools are designed to effectively remove adhesives, paints or coatings from surfaces.

The handy floor sanding machine BSM 270 E with a 2.2kW 230V motor and 270mm working width has been developed to be a nimble all-rounder for the high abrasive subfloor preparation of floors. Of a light weight and designed to be highly powerful and fast, is the BSM 310 E with a particularly durable brushless 230V motor, 310mm working width and 38kg operating weight. The BSM 340 E with its speed regulated, 5.5kW 400V motor and 340mm working width, is recommended for coarse work with high removal rates. It has been developed to provide an economical solution in all cases. Equally efficient for dry applications is the BSM 450 E three disc sanding machine with a 450mm working width and 230V motor with 2.2kW. The BSM 525 E with its speed regulated, 7.5kW 400V motor, trimmed for maximum performance, is designed to provide the ideal solution on when it comes to demanding dry and wet sanding. The working width of the  three disc sanding machine is 525mm.

Lissmac says that flagship performance on a 650mm working width is delivered by the BSM 650 E with 11kW engine, which is designed to powerfully pull through the adjustable speed even on rough jobs. The weight of the heavy floor grinder is optimally balanced for high stock removal and energy saving operation during long operations. All Lissmac floor sanding machines are characterised by the fact that they are also ideally suited for work close to walls.


Good from the ground up - the new ‘BFM’ floor milling machines

With cracks, blisters, chipping and increased susceptibility to weathering, the costly consequences of inadequate substrate preparation inevitably come to light sooner or later. The new Lissmac floor milling machines have been designed to produce a high adhesive tensile strength on concrete and screed surfaces and thus prepare the load bearing basis for further floor construction. The powerful and robust machines compensate for height differences of up to 8mm and efficiently remove adhesives, paints as well as foam residues from floors. Three practically graded machine sizes deliver solid performance day after day on 200mm to 320mm working widths. The Lissmac tools, which are precisely tailored to market requirements, are said by the company to have an attractive price performance ratio, ensure first class surface quality and guarantee long tool lives.

The BFM 200 E is designed to be a compact universal machine; as well as being easily managed, the machine is said to impress with its performance and durability. Driven by a 2.2kW 230V motor, it achieves milling depths of up to 2mm with a working width of 200mm. The BFM 250 E is still compact and easy to use, but Lissmac states that it offers a whole new performance class. Its 4kW 400V motor provides the power and endurance for demanding applications with a maximum milling depth of 5mm over a working width of 250mm.

The BFM 320 E has been specifically designed for deal with large areas and the most demanding tasks and is the largest floor milling machine from Lissmac. It has a working width of 320mm, which can be converted to a diamond milling machine with 24 diamond blades in a short time. Driven by an 11kW 400V motor, it mills up to 8mm deep on concrete C20/25 in one operation. Equipped with a stepless hydrostatic drive for forward and reverse travel, the ergonomically designed machine protects the operator's strength during continuous operation.


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