Fast and precise concrete cutting for Sasaram's new footbridge in India

Published 24/2, 2020 at 13:35

Indian Railways commissioned the Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited (DFCCIL) to lay new tracks exclusively for cargo trains on one of the most fast-paced projects in India. The overall goal of the project is to connect four regions and to reduce the transit times and the costs of transporting cargo.

DSC – R. K and Company was commissioned with the concrete cutting tasks on the project. This involved the dismantling of an old footbridge, which was impeding the construction of the DFCCIL track. Indian Railways decided to remove the old overpass and replace it with a new footbridge. For this challenging job, DSC – R. K and Company used concrete cutting equipment from Tyrolit, including the wire saw SK-SD, the power packs PPH25 and PPH25RR, as well as the FSE811 floor saw.

The FSE811 floor saw was especially designed for locations that are difficult to access, and allows a quick and easy change from left to right cutting. In addition, this saw features a smooth cutting depth adjustment, using a precise and protected spindle. The SK-SD wire saw comes with a gross wire length of 10.8m and intelligent wire storage. The saw is designed for faster, safer and simpler working thanks to the direct mounting of the wire saw on the cutting surface and can be converted into a drill rig in next to no time.

The 2-stage control of the PPH25 ensures optimum cutting speeds for all applications and is a simple, yet reliable drive with product features reduced to the essentials. The 4-stage control of the Premium PPH25RR drive ensures optimal cutting speeds for all applications and the potentiometer of the remote control ensures a wire conserving soft start.

The cutting was significantly demanding, as the line is one of the busiest railway tracks in the region, with a minimum of 300 trains passing through each day. As a result, DSC – R. K and Company could only work two to three hours per day. They also had to guarantee that no water would leak below the bridge, as there were live high-tension electric wires located under it carrying currents of 33,000kV. The Tyrolit floor saw FSE811 cut the horizontal slabs of the bridge, whilst the 94t piers were cut using the Tyrolit SK-SD wire saw with great precision, which was essential due to their proximity to the live wire.

The entire cutting operation was actively supported by Würth India, the official Tyrolit distributor for India, and was completed within seven days. DSC – R. K and Company were, thus, able to finish the job for Indian Railways just in time.

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