Finally back on track!

Published 4/7, 2022 at 07:49

It is with great pleasure that I can state that we are beginning to return to normal behaviour and working methods. Most countries have lifted their restrictions on the Covid pandemic, and we can meet in a normal and unlimited way again. It's almost like before the pandemic broke out. However, people are still getting sick from the coronavirus, but the effects are not as bad as before, with far fewer fatalities. This is due to the fact that so many have been vaccinated and that we have created a form of herd immunity.

After two years of almost no traveling at all and countless webinars, I too have started to move about again. I have visited several tradeshows, conferences and customer events over the past two months. It feels fantastic fun to be able to meet contractors and manufacturers again face to face. Nothing is the same as a personal meeting. But we have learned that digital meetings are a pretty good alternative and this form of meeting has definitely come to stay, but in combination with the personal meeting. In the past, many unnecessary trips were made that we know today can be solved by the digital path. A more diversified meeting procedure will be the ideal solution financially, but is also preferable given our environment and the goals we have set to reduce global warming. However, let us now rejoice in the fact that we can once again be seen in ‘real’.

I made my first international work trip since February 2020 a few weeks ago to Paris. It was an EDA (European Demolition Association) event, which for the first time in two years was able to arrange its annual meeting ‘face to face’ for the association's members. For two years the annual meetings were held digitally. About 250 people gathered in Paris for two days for the conference, discuss new rules, new products, the future and to socialise. In this issue you will find a detailed report about the annual convention.

During the summer and autumn, one trade fair or conference follows on from the other. Manufacturers are arranging various customer events and demolition or concrete cutting jobs are in full swing around the world. It's great to see. But as I said, people are still becoming ill from Covid and there are fears about a new wave in the latter part of the year. We can hope that no new restrictions need to be introduced.

In October, it is time for the world's largest trade show to take place. I am of course talking about bauma which is being held from 24 October in Munich. PDi Magazine will be on site, and until the show, we will frequently report on news and products that will be launched there. Already in this issue you can read about many new items that are set to be launched before bauma. You will also find a number of interesting special features in the issue.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish all our readers in the northern hemisphere a nice summer, and those in the southern hemisphere, a nice winter.

Jan Hermansson

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