Findeis GmbH receives first drill motor and drill bit set with new tool free system

Published 27/12, 2018 at 09:49

Michael Findeis, chief executive of Betonbohrservice Findeis GmbH, is now the proud owner of the world’s first drill motor with the innovative tool free PQ6 drill bit connection.

Along with Thomas Springer, president of the Fachverband Betonbohren und-sägen Deutschland (Concrete Drilling and Sawing Association Germany), he received the machine together with a set of new core bits of the same system from Dr Reiner Schulze in mid-July. As the manufacturer’s representative on the board of the association, and member of the VDMA (German Engineering Federation), Dr Schulze had a major influence on the development of the PQ6. 

In the process of introducing the new system to the market, Dr Schulze also took into account the views and requirements of manufacturers and users before putting the first edition of the drill bit connection into production. “Availability among the individual manufacturers still varies a little at present. To my knowledge, three manufacturers are currently able to deliver immediately. I assume that more will follow soon,” said Dr Schulze.


A pioneer for a new system

Michael Findeis plans to use the PQ6 system as a ‘first mover’ in daily business. “I am fully convinced of the new technology. The tool free replacement of the drill bit is easier to handle and, above all, faster. I assume that we will be able to cut the average crown changing time in half. The resulting time saving streamlines the work process and allows a significant increase in efficiency.” The first step in use was to completely equip a vehicle with the new system, and in order to be ready to deal with most everyday tasks, Dr Schulze promised Michael the prompt delivery of the first drilling motor suitable for hands free operating. “We don‘t have to carry two systems with us, the available adapter can also be used for old core bits,” explains Michael Findeis pragmatically. “We will then be able to change our pool of drill cones with a PQ6 connection step by step in the future.”


Impressive features

The tool free drill bit connection with its six fold polygon profile makes it easy to disconnect the drill bit by hand without technical equipment. When working horizontally, the drill bit can be placed on the spindle of the machine so that both hands are free to close the nut. When the drill bit is loosened, it remains on the spindle for the time being, making demounting easier. “Due to the ergonomically advantageous handling during assembly and disassembly, both the user and the machine and drill rig are protected,” explains Thomas Springer. “In the end, the risk of injury to the employees is reduced, as jammed drill bits are a thing of the past when using the new system. In addition, the connection is convincing due to its short design, low weight and high concentricity, because the polygon enables a 100% frictional connection. The high torque generated is transmitted backlash-free and vibration-free.” 


From market maturity to market penetration

“The manufacturers are now also called upon to ensure a successful market launch,” states Thomas Springer. “They can signal the system’s readiness to deliver to their customers and actively approach the users. The association is also promoting tool free drill bit connections to its members. The first machines and core bits were presented at the annual general meeting in Hamm. The system will also be presented to users at the regional meetings in the autumn.” And in order to make his own contribution to the introduction of the PQ6, Thomas Springer ordered equipment with two drill motors and a drill bit set from Dr Schulze on the same day.

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