Flush cutting walls and roadside kerbs with the Lissmac ‘Compactcut’ 900 P/T

Published 10/5, 2021 at 15:23

Time is money, and the Compactcut 900 P/T aims to optimise working efficiency as the dry cutting process saves on extraction and the cost intensive disposal of cutting slurries.

Using a highly efficient dust extraction system, the new model produces ready to cast joints, whilst the cleverly designed flush cutting blade guard is an additional advantage in cutting flush with walls and kerbs.

The Compactcut 900 P/T is specially designed for producing joints in the dry cutting process, with ready to cast joints, with a depth of up to 125mm being cut in one step, making it ideal for time critical applications. It has proven itself in renovation work producing connection joints and expansion joints, and on construction sites where space is at a premium, with the operator being able to easily manoeuvre the machine with the integrated steering wheel.


Vertical cutting 

A ‘flush cut’ blade guard allows true vertical cutting, as described in the ZTV Fug standard. This is made possible by the specially designed suction blade guard, which is a key component of the integrated ‘Vacuum-Dry’ 100 dry extraction system. This system is designed for dust free dry cutting which not only saves time, but also enhances the occupational health and safety of the operator as well as the entire team on the construction site. A clearly organised control panel and height adjustable handles are user friendly, with the robust hydrostat being activated with a sensitive drive lever that ensures uniform feed rates and easy machine guidance. The machine comes with an ergonomically positioned steering wheel which enables precise cutting as well as fast transfer manoeuvres and set up.


Extra tough

The torsion resistant sheet steel frame construction of the Compactcut 900 P/T is designed for many years of daily operation. In addition to ‘unshakeable’ robustness, practical usage was another major priority when it came to the design of the machine. Through precise motor placement, Lissmac design engineers have produced an easy to access to air and fuel filter, battery and oil, which facilitates daily inspection and maintenance tasks. All components are arranged to ensure a very low centre of gravity thus providing very precise cutting. The Vanguard two cylinder gasoline motor provides 26kW and accelerates dry cutting blades up to 400mm in diameter to 2,130rpm. This rotational speed ensures optimal sawing progress. Seven high performance V-belts reliably transfer the motor power to the saw blade, with the setting of cutting depth being electro-hydraulic. The Compactcut 900 P/T is factory equipped with a parking brake and a neutral gear for running idle.

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