Furukawa Rock Drill extends FXJ hydraulic breaker series

Published 7/3 at 17:18

Since 2014 FRD Furukawa Rock Drill has created a complete new line of FXJ series hydraulic breakers.

The FXJ series is the synergistic result of more than 50 years of experience and continuous developments, combined with today’s technology. Two new models will be introduced to the FXJ series at bauma 2019: the FXJ 225 and FXJ1070. The new FXJ model 1070 will replace the previous F100XP, being 5t heavier, and will have more impact energy than its predecessor. Thanks to the new developments on the FXJ1070, the new breaker will have improved breaking power, durability and the lowest lifetime ownership cost in the range.

Due to these continuous developments of the FRD in-liner systems and various other patented solutions, the new breakers provide an increased power to weight ratio. A weight reduced breaker with higher impact energy results in larger breaking power, with the models requiring less maintenance with minimum downtime, and providing easy handling. A wider range of oil flow offers the possibility to attach the breaker to various excavators, with the breaker being able to be used on different excavator sizes thereby providing optimum use of equipment. 

Thanks to a new mono-block design there are no through bolts needed resulting in higher performance and more stability. With a new slim design, the FXJ series is ideal for use on demolition sites, or as a production breaker at a quarry, with the slim design also increasing the efficiency in trench and channel works. Both noise and vibrations are also reduced by the newly designed dampening system.  

The high production quality combined with the new mono-block construction, the newly designed rod retaining pins, and FRD spare parts direct from Japan, provides a longer life time of the individual components, which greatly reduces the overall maintenance costs. The new models offer the features found on the previous range, such as anti-idle blow, adjustable piston stroke, connection for central greasing system (FRD Sencio Lubrico), connection for under water operation, dust intake prevention, and so forth, which all come as  standard.  From 2019 the FXJ series will be available in eight models for excavators ranging in size from 9t to 100t.

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