Gentle giants of demolition

Published 24/4 at 10:08

Modern day demolition excavators might seem daunting on the outside but inside they are as sophisticated and comfortable as a luxurious sedan. Thanks to these ‘gentle giants’, the demolition of building structures is as smooth and controlled as driving a car on a German autobahn. PDi’s Andrei Bushmarin delivers the latest insights from the demolition excavator industry.

Three new demolition crawlers from Hitachi

Hitachi has introduced three new special application machines that have been developed to maximise efficiency, uptime and safety on heavy duty and demolition projects. The ZX390TC-7 tool carrier has been specially adapted to work with larger working tools, and can be used for secondary demolition works. The two multi carrier models – ZX400MC-7 and ZX600MC-7 – are supplied with up to four front attachments and are built to meet the requirements of any demolition project. They are designed to complete the tasks of several machines on site, which simplifies planning and minimises transport and personnel costs. They also improve performance and safety for operators. Based on standard Hitachi ‘Zaxis-7’ models, with Zaxis-7 technology and Stage V compliant engines, they were developed jointly with Kteg (Kenki Technology Group GmbH). “The launch of these models shows how Hitachi is addressing the specific requirements of certain industries,” says Burkhard Janssen, product manager Special Applications and New Technologies at Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV. “We are constantly listening to the needs of our customers, particularly regarding improvements to productivity and efficiency on site.”


Volvo CE launches new straight boom demolition crawler

Volvo Construction Equipment announced at the NDA show in Phoenix the launch of its new 30t EC300E straight boom demolition excavator. The company also announced a feature called ‘Lifting Mode’ for its multi demolition boom that allows a high reach demolition excavator to serve as a safe carrier for the lifting of machine components from a trailer to the ground, enhancing versatility. “Being able to offer customers another size of straight boom excavator is exciting, and launching at the NDA show felt ideal,” said Tony den Hoed, key account director, demolition equipment at Volvo CE. “The demolition segment is ever changing, and we are proud to keep up with it by offering products and solutions that will keep operators safe and productive.”

Rather than the traditional boom and stick approach of digging biased excavators, the crawler is fitted with a 7m long straight boom and a purpose built arm. The extra-long straight boom on the EC300E provides significant height and reach advantages over the standard machine. The cab is protected against falling debris with a frame mounted FOG feature which also provides clear views of the worksite. The roof window and front piece of glass are made from P5A, which is resistant to high impact. The EC300E straight boom has a reinforced frame made of heavy duty plate steel with bolt head protection. There is also heavy duty undercover protection, a belly guard and a full track guard. A slew ring cover and heavy duty side doors with screens and shutters offer added protection. Volvo CE has also added protection on the bucket and boom cylinders. The EC300E comes with several standard features that are designed for demolition applications. These include X1 and X3 auxiliary piping, a quick fit and oil drain line, and water lines that are connected to a dust suppression system that can work in either auto or manual mode. A heavy counterweight provides balance and is easily removable for transportation.

The new ‘Lifting Mode for Multi Demolition Boom’ — specifically designed for Volvo high reach excavators — has been developed to provide improved flexibility, reduced emissions and lower total cost of ownership. It can be factory fitted to any of the company’s three high reach excavators: the EC380E HR, the EC480E HR and the EC750E HR. Each of which is already compatible with various extensions and booms to carry out a wide range of applications. This mode can simplify transporting equipment to jobsites because it allows the excavator to safely lift components such as cradles and digging or high reach booms from the trailer to the ground, at which point they can be safely installed on the machine. “Total cost of ownership is reduced by eliminating the need for a mobile crane or second excavator, and flexibility is increased thanks to the time savings,” den Hoed said. “Emissions are also reduced due to fewer vehicles being on site.” The solution consists of machine software specifically designed for the controlled lifting of equipment, as well as visual warnings outside the cab to warn bystanders that a lifting process is underway. The software also controls hydraulic pressure and engine speed, ensuring optimum safety throughout. This lifting mode includes a certified lifting accessory, designed to fit the patented modular joint design from the multi demolition boom and can easily be connected to the lower pin of the boom. When all components are safely unloaded, switching to the high reach or digging boom is easy, thanks to that modular hydraulic joint.


New straight boom Cat for demolition of low rise buildings and bridges

The brand new Cat 352 ‘Straight Boom’ excavator is designed specifically for the demolition of low rise buildings (up to five storeys high), bridges and industrial infrastructures. Its stick/boom configuration delivers a higher vertical reach up to 12.85m, 36% more stick pin height compared to the standard 352 ‘Reach’ configuration. Accommodating up to 6t attachments, the machine now features standard Cat technologies for increased versatility, precision and efficiency in both demolition and excavating applications. The excavator’s new optional 11.35t removable counterweight design increases transportation efficiency and lowers transportation costs. The mechanical variable gauge undercarriage has a 2,990mm transportation width when needed and extends 500mm in working mode for maximum stability all around. Its new high efficiency hydraulic fan features standard automatic reverse to keep the cores free from debris and reduce maintenance time. Designed for demolition, the 352 Straight Boom features reinforced booms, sticks and frame, increasing machine durability. Standard Falling Object Guards (FOGS) protect the roof and front reinforced P5A laminated windows from falling debris during demolition, while also helping to maintain visibility on the jobsite. A full track guiding guard is also a standard feature.

Its ‘Operator ID’ function offers push button engine starting and programmable joystick functions that are remembered when the operator enters a unique ID. Standard ‘Cat Stick Steer’ simplifies excavator movements with single hand and push button operation of travel and turning. Offering automatic power increase when needed, standard ‘auto dig’ boost delivers better bucket penetration, shorter cycle times and greater payloads. ‘Auto heavy lift’ offers more lifting power when needed. Cat ‘Lift Assist’ makes the operator aware that the load is within the excavator’s safe working range to avoid tipping. Standard Cat technologies to elevate operating efficiency include ‘Cat Grade’ with 2D that displays depth and slope in the cab on the 254mm touchscreen monitor. When excavating, ‘Cat Payload’ offers real time, on-board weight estimates to help achieve precise load targets. Payload can be combined with ‘VisionLink’ for the remote management of production targets, while ‘Cat Product Link’ provides critical machine operating data like location, hours, fuel usage, productivity and diagnostic codes to help increase jobsite efficiency and lower costs.

To easily detect objects and personnel around the operator in a single view, the 352 Straight Boom comes standard with rear view and right hand side view cameras, which can be upgraded to provide 360o visibility. Designed to easily power through all different types of material, the 352 Straight Boom features an electrohydraulic system and is powered by the proven 330kW Cat C13B engine. Three engine power modes – ‘Smart’, ‘Power’ and ‘Eco’ – help to match engine and hydraulic power to the task at hand to reduce fuel consumption and costs. ‘Remote Troubleshoot’ has been developed to enable the dealer to diagnose fault codes and machine issues remotely without interrupting the production cycle. ‘Remote Flash’ allows software updates to be pushed out to the machine and installed at a time convenient for the customer.


Develon launches New DX245DM-7 demolition excavator  

Develon (formerly Doosan Construction Equipment) has launched the new DX245DM-7 31t high reach demolition excavator, replacing the previous DX235DM-5 model. Powered by the DL06P Stage V diesel engine providing 129kW of power at 1,800rpm, the DX245DM-7 is part of a range of demolition excavators that also includes the heavier 47t DX380DM-7 and 61t DX530DM-7 models. Typical of the design of all of Develon’s demolition machines, the DX245DM-7 has a high visibility, tiltable cab, particularly suited to high reach demolition applications offering a 30o tilting angle. Another key feature of the DX245DM-7 is a modular boom design and hydraulic lock mechanism on the machine. The innovative design has been developed for easy change between a demolition boom and an earthmoving boom to accomplish different types of work on the same project. A special stand is provided to facilitate the boom changing operation, which is based on quick change hydraulic and mechanical coupler connections. The multi boom design also allows the earthmoving boom to be mounted in two different ways, which with the demolition boom, provides further flexibility with a total of three different configurations for the same machine.

The DX245DM-7 equipped with the 18m boom can operate a demolition attachment at a maximum height of 16m. The recommended maximum combined weight for the attachment and quick coupler in this mode is 2.5t. When equipped with the digging boom in the straight configuration, the DX245DM-7 can work to a maximum height of over 9.8m. In this format, the recommended maximum weight for the attachment and quick coupler is 3.3t. Using the digging boom in the alternative bent configuration, the DX245DM-7 can work with an attachment to a maximum height of 8m. In this mode, the recommended maximum weight for the attachment and quick coupler is 3.3t. The DX245DM-7 has a hydraulically adjustable undercarriage, which extends to a maximum width of 3.74m to provide optimum stability on demolition sites. The width of the undercarriage can be retracted hydraulically to 2.54m in the narrow width position, which is ideal for transporting the machine. The maximum pin height of the demolition boom on the DX245DM-7 is 18.07m. Like all Develon demolition excavators, standard safety features include a FOGS cab guard, safety valves for the boom, intermediate boom and arm cylinders and a stability warning system are fitted.


Sennebogen unveiled ‘830 Demolition’ excavator at bauma

Sennebogen used bauma 2022 to unveil its multifunctional 830 Demolition excavator. Weighing in at 48t, the machine has a maximum pin height of 23m and a removable counterweight that can be detached at the push of a button. The 830 Demolition is ideal for work in cramped, inner city construction sites thanks to what the company says are the machine’s state of the art, environmentally friendly engine technology, its compact dimensions, 360o swivel mode and various equipment options. The elevating cab, which can be tilted up to 30o, not only gives the operator an excellent view of the job site, but also keep the machine at a safe distance from the danger zone. Due to the machine’s powerful hydraulics, it can accommodate a wide variety of demolition attachments. New ‘longfront’ equipment enables even greater distance from the structures being demolished, which further increases safety. The 830 Demolition easily reaches a height of 23m with the new articulated boom. Thanks to the removable counterweight, the 830 Demolition can be transported fast and cost effectively in three parts. A button on the remote control reduces the transport weight of the 830 Demolition by around 10t using the fully hydraulic ballast rack. In addition, the transport width of the telescopic undercarriage can be reduced to 2.9m.

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